Mapping Open Access Syllabi by Public Management Subject

SyllabusWhere to find course syllabi for MPP and MPA programs

Some MPP and MPA programs provide open access to course syllabi. Of the 119 programs listed in Programs, those that provide such access are indicated by the [Online Syllabi] notation.

Some of the most comprehensive listings of syllabi available online are provided by:

A selection of open access syllabi for courses offered by these and some other programs are mapped to public management subjects below, along with the Atlas synthetic course outlines that have been developed from our analysis of competency requirements and content of required courses (see Atlas Courses).

and Skills

Policy Analysis and Process

Albany PAD506 Foundations of Public Management

Albany PAD615 Strategic Management in Public Organizations

Atlas101 Policy Analysis and Process

Toronto PPG1001 The Policy Process

Implementation and Delivery

Atlas107 Implementation and Delivery

Harvard MLD110 Strategic Management for Public Purposes

Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives

Toronto PPG2021 Priority Topics in Public Administration

Victoria ADMN470 – Reforming Government

Economic Analysis

Albany PAD503 Principles of Public Economics

Atlas102 Economic Analysis

Harvard API101 Markets and Market Failure

Harvard API102 Economic Analysis of Public Policy

Quantitative Methods

Albany PAD504 Data, Models and Decisions I

Albany PAD505 Data, Models, and Decisions II

Atlas104 Quantitative Methods

Harvard API-201 Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Methods

Harvard API202 Empirical Methods II

Analytic Methods

Harvard API302 Analytic Frameworks for Policy

Harvard MLD601 Operations Management

Leadership Skills

Albany PAD614 Managerial Leadership in the Public Sector

American PUAD650 Leadership for a Changing Workplace

Atlas109 Leadership and Communication

Harvard MLD115 Management Matters – Leadership, Strategy and Getting Things Done

Harvard MLD201 Exercising Leadership – The Politics of Change

Harvard MLD220M Fundamentals of Negotiation Analysis

Harvard MLD342 Persuasion – The Science and Art of Effective Influence

Harvard MLD355M Public Narrative – Self, Us, Now

Harvard MLD356M Public Narrative – Conflict, Continuity, Change

Toronto PPG2014 Leading Change and Getting Things Done

UCLA PP209 Management in the 21st Century

UCLA PPM228 Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations

Communication Skills

Harvard DPA801 The Arts of Communication

and Context

Governance and Institutions

Albany PAD500 Foundations of Public Administration

Atlas100 Governance and Institutions

Carleton PADM5115 Introduction to State and Society

Harvard DPI101 Political Institutions and Public Policy – American Politics

Harvard DPI101 Political Institutions and Public Policy – Comparative

NYU PADM2129 Race, Identity, and Inclusion in Organizations

Toronto PPG1000 Governance and Institutions

Ethics, Rights and Accountability

Atlas111M Ethics

Socioeconomic and Political Context

Atlas105 Social, Environmental, and Global Context

Harvard SUP205 Inequality and Social Policy

Michigan PP736 Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy

NYU PADM2447 Majorities, Minorities, and Group Identities In America – Status, Rights, and Public Policy

Toronto PPG1005 The Social Context of Policy-Making

Sask-Regina JSGS863 Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy

Global Context


Public Financial Management

Albany PAD501 Public & Nonprofit Financial Management

Albany PAD642 Public Budgeting

Atlas106M Public Financial Management

Queen’s MPA827 Public Sector Financial Management

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Atlas108 Analytic Methods and Evaluation

Human Resource Management

Atlas112M Management of Human, Information, and Technology Resources

Information and Technology Management

Atlas112M Management of Human, Information, and Technology Resources

Regulatory Policy and Management
Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

UCLA PPM228 Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations


Macroeconomic Policy

Atlas103M Macroeconomic Policy

International Development
Public Finance and Social Policy

Atlas219 Higher Education Policy

Employment, Labour and Immigration
Cities, Urban and Regional Development
Environment and Sustainability
Agriculture and Resources
Science, Technology and Innovation
Industry, Trade and Investment
Energy, Transport and Infrastructure
Defence, Security and Foreign Relations
Policing and Justice Administration
Arts and Culture
Financial Markets


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