Mapping Open Access Publications by Public Management Subject

Where to find articles and textbooks without charge online

A simple Google search of a publication title or an excerpt sometimes locates pdf versions of articles or textbooks that do not respect copyright. On the other hand, there are multiple services that provide open access to published material in pdf and other digital formats that do comply with intellectual property law. These include websites provided by governments (e.g., Government of Canada Open Information), international organizations (e.g., OECD iLibrary), think tanks (e.g., Brookings Research), universities, publishers, authors, and nonprofit entities (e.g.,  Internet Archive) that make available pdfs of whole books (e.g., Machiavelli, Niccolò, The Prince, 1913 edition). The table below organizes sources by subject.

Open access online resources, by subject

and Skills

Policy Analysis and Process
Implementation and Delivery

Harvard Business Review (4 free articles per month; 8 if one registers)

Economic Analysis

Marginal Revolution University – Microeconomics

MIT Principles of Microeconomics

Saylor Principles of Microeconomics

Saylor Intermediate Microeconomics

Khan Microeconomics

Boundless Economics

The Economics Network

Quantitative Methods

Khan Probability and Statistics

Rice University OnlineStatBook

Saylor Introduction to Statistics

Saylor Introductory Statistics Textbook

Saylor Advanced Statistics

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative Probability and Statistics

Analytic Methods

Saylor Spreadsheets

Leadership Skills

Community Tool Box

Boundless Management

Harvard Program on Negotiation

Reference for Business

Communication Skills

HKS Communications Program Handouts

and Context

Governance and Institutions

Paul Cairney Politics & Public Policy

Ethics, Rights and Accountability

The School of Life – Philosophy (29 five-minute videos)

Socioeconomic and Political Context

The School of Life – Political Theory (13 ten-minute videos)

The School of Life – Sociology (5 seven-minute videos)

Global Context



Public Financial Management

IMF Publications by Subject (PbS)

Khan Academy Accounting and Financial Statements

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Bob Behn’s Performance Leadership Report

Human Resource Management
Information and Technology Management
Regulatory Policy and Management
Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management and Advocacy


Macroeconomic Policy

Marginal Revolution University – Macroeconomics

Saylor Principles of Macroeconomics

Saylor Intermediate Macroeconomics

Khan Macroeconomics

International Development

World Bank Open Knowledge Repository

UNDP Research & Publications

Public Finance and Social Policy

Virtual Campus for Public Health

Employment, Labour and Immigration
Cities, Urban and Regional Development
Environment and Sustainability
Agriculture and Resources
Science, Technology and Innovation
Industry, Trade and Investment
Energy, Transport and Infrastructure
Defence, Security and Foreign Relations
Policing and Justice Administration
Arts and Culture
Financial Markets

Khan Finance and Capital Markets


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