Mapping MOOCs by Public Management Subject

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) pertaining to public management, organized by subject

This page associates a number of open online courses, including those currently provided by major MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) consortia, with specific public management subjects. It lists online courses, both current and archived, as listed on Coursera, Udacity, edX, and iversity, as well as on MOOC aggregators Class Central and Serendipity. For more detail on online courses and MOOCs, see Open Courseware in Public Management.

and Skills

Policy Analysis and Process

Fundamentals of Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

NUTR-0240-01 Theories of Public Policy, Tufts (Serendipity)

Solving Complex Problems, Delft University (edX)

The public policy – action relationship , Open University (Serendipity)

Implementation and Delivery

Critical Perspectives on Management – Rolf Strom-Olsen, IE Business School (Coursera)

A Crash Course on Creativity – Tina Seelig, Stanford University (Stanford ONLINE)

Making Government Work in Hard Places, Princeton (NovoED)

Time to Reorganize! Understand Organizations, Act, and Build a Meaningful World, HEC Paris (Coursera)

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self, MIT (edX)

Economic Analysis

Principles of Microeconomics – Rebecca Stein, University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Microeconomic Principles – Jose Vazquez-Cognet, University of Illinois (Coursera)

Microeconomics (Khan Academy)

Applied Economics for Managers, MIT (Serendipity)

Concepts in Economic Evaluation, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Econ-1: Principles of Economics, Stanford (Stanford OpenEdx)

Economics and Psychology, MIT (Serendipity)

Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts, IMF (edX)

Financing Economic Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Intermediate Applied Macroeconomics, MIT (Serendipity)

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, MIT (Serendipity)

Putting Social Sciences to the Test: Field Experiments in Economics, MIT (Serendipity)

Understanding economic policymaking, IE Business School (Coursera)

Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Microeconomic Theory III, MIT (Serendipity)

Advanced Urban Public Finance: Collective Action and Provisions of Local Public Goods, MIT (Serendipity)

An Introduction to Credit Risk Management, Delft University (edX)

Behavioural Economics and Finance, MIT (Serendipity)

The Power of Markets, University of Rochester (Coursera)

Quantitative Methods

Probability and statistics (Khan Academy)

Introduction to Statistics: Descriptive Statistics – Ani Adhikari and Philip Stark, UC Berkeley (edX)

Introduction to Statistics – Sebastian Thrun and Adam Sherwin, Stanford (Udacity)

Passion Driven Statistics – Lisa Dierker, Wesleyan University (Coursera)

Measuring Causal Effects in the Social Sciences – Anders Holm, University of Copenhagen (Coursera)

Foundations of Data Analysis, UT Austin (edX)

Learning from Data, Caltech (edX)

Quantitative Research in Political Science and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Quantitative Research Methods: Multivariate, MIT (Serendipity)

Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys, University of Michican (Coursera)

The Analytics Edge, MIT (edX)

Public Policy and Project Valuation, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Serendipity)

Analytic Methods

Think Again: How to Reason and Argue – Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Ram Neta, Duke University (Coursera)

Game Theory – Kevin Leyton-Brown, Matthew O. Jackson and Yoav Shoham, Stanford University (Coursera)

Game Theory – Ben Polak, Yale University (Open Yale courses, Econ 159)

An Introduction to Operations Management, UPenn (Coursera)

Analyzing Projects and Organizations, MIT (Serendipity)

Critical Perspectives on Management, IE Business School (Coursera)

Operations Management, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Coursera)

Project Management: The Basics for Success, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Fundamentals of Management, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Systems Engineering, policy analysis and Management, TU Delft (Serendipity)

An Introduction to Operations Management – Christian Terwiesch, University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)

Understanding Operations Management, Open University (Serendipity)

Leadership Skills

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence – Richard Boyatzis, Case Western Reserve University (Coursera)

A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior – Dan Ariely, Duke University (Coursera)

Creativity, Innovation, and Change – Jack Matson, Darrell Velegol and Kathryn Jablokow, Pennsylvania State University (Coursera)

Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations – David Owens, Vanderbilt University (Coursera)

Statistics One – Andrew Conway, Princeton University (Coursera)

Becoming a Resilient Person – The Science of Stress Management, UWashington (edX)

Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business, MIT (Serendipity)

Getting Things Implemented: Strategy, People, Performance and Leadership, MIT (Serendipity)

Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader, Catalyst (edX)

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector, MIT (Serendipity)

Resolving Public Disputes, MIT (Serendipity)

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Communication Skills

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise – Denise Comer, Duke University (Coursera)

Writing II: Rhetorical Composing – Susan Delagrange, Cynthia Selfe, Kay Halasek, Ben McCorkle and Scott Lloyd DeWitt, Ohio State University (Coursera)

Argumentation and Communication, MIT (Serendipity)

Communicating Strategically, Purdue (edX)

Communication Skills for Academics, MIT (Serendipity)

Framing: Creating powerful political messages, Delft University (edX)

Introduction to Public Speaking, University of Washington (Coursera)

Journalism for Social Change, UC Berkeley (edX)

Planning Communication, MIT (Serendipity)

and Context

Governance and Institutions

Governance and Policy Advice: How political decisions come to life, Hertie School of Governance (iversity)

Democratic Development – Larry Diamond, Stanford University (Coursera)

2014 Congressional Elections MOOC, Pace University (CourseSites)

A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behaviour, Duke (Coursera)

Behavioural Economics in Action, University of Toronto (edX)

Collective Choice I, MIT (Serendipity)

International Criminal Law, Peking (edX)

Introduction to the American Political Process, MIT (Serendipity)

Justice, Harvard (edX)

Law and Society, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Coursera)

Legal Aspects of Property and Land Use, MIT (Serendipity)

Public Opinion and American Democracy, MIT (Serendipity)

Securing Digital Democracy, University of Michigan (Coursera)

Special Graduate Topic in Political Science: Public Opinion, MIT (Serendipity)

The Kennedy Half Century, University of Virginia (Coursera)

Doctoral Research Seminar: Knowledge in the Public Arena, MIT (Serendipity)

Genes and the Human Condition (From Behaviour to Biotechnology), University of Maryland College Park (Coursera)

History of Indias political economy, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (Serendipity)

Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences, Rutgers (Coursera)

Ethics, Rights and Accountability

Justice – Michael Sandel, Harvard University (edX)

Introduction to Political Philosophy – Steven Smith, Yale University (Open Yale courses, PLSC 114)

The Moral Foundations of Politics – Ian Shapiro, Yale University (Open Yale courses, PLSC 118)

Moral Problems and the Good Life, MIT (Serendipity)

PubPol 580: Values, Ethics and Public Policy, Umich (Serendipity)

Responsible Innovation, Delft University (edX)

Socioeconomic and Political Context

Civil Society, Social Capital, and the State in Comparative Perspective, MIT (Serendipity)

Forms of Political Participation: Old and New, MIT (Serendipity)

Human Rights in Theory and Practice, MIT (Serendipity)

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education, UBC (edX)

Global Context

The Challenges of Global Poverty – Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, MIT (edX)

Conditions of War and Peace – Kiichi Fujiwara, University of Tokyo (Coursera)

Configuring the World: A Critical Political Economy Approach, Leiden University (Coursera)

Globalization’s Winners and Losers: Challenges for Developed and Developing, Georgetown (edX)

International Human Rights, Louvain (edX)

International Organizations Management, University of Geneva (Coursera)

International Organizations Management, University of Geneva (Coursera)

Introduction to International Criminal Law, Case Western Reserve University (Coursera)

Law, Social Movements, and Public Policy: Comparative and International Experience, MIT (Serendipity)

The Challenges of Global Poverty, MIT (edX)

The Coming China Wars: Where They will be Fought, How They can be Won, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Understanding Europe: Why it Matters and What it can Offer You, HEC Paris (Coursera)

The Role of Renminbi in the International Monetary System, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Coursera)


Public Financial Management

Certificate Program in Public Procurement, World Bank (Independent)

DSAx: Debt Sustainability Analysis, International Monetary Fund (edX)

Financial Analysis and Decision Making, Tsinghua (edX)

Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I, Columbia (Coursera)

Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part II, Columbia (Coursera)

Financial Markets, Yale (Coursera)

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Evaluating Social Programs, MIT (edX)

Fundamentals of Program Evaluation, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Human Resource Management

HRM 303: Human Resources Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Serendipity)

Choosing a human resources consultant, The Open University (Serendipity)

Information and Technology Management

Information Security and Risk Management in Context – Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, University of Washington (Coursera)

A Workshop on Geographic Information Systems, MIT (Serendipity)

Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit, University of Washington (Coursera)

Communications and Information Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Economics of Cybersecurity, Delft University (edX)

Information and Communication Technologies in Community Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Information Security and Risk Management in Context, University of Washington (Coursera)

Introduction to Computers in Public Management II, MIT (Serendipity)

Regulatory Policy and Management

Government Regulation of Industry, MIT (Serendipity)

Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of Firms, MIT (Serendipity)

Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management and Advocacy

Social Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (Serendipity)

Social marketing, Open University (Serendipity)

The Governance of Nonprofit Organizations, SUNY (Coursera)


Macroeconomic Policy

Principles of Macroeconomics – Nilss Olekalns, University of Melbourne (Coursera)

Understanding economic policymaking – Gayle Allard, IE Business School (Coursera)

Macroeconomics (Khan Academy)

Macroeconomic Theory I, MIT (Serendipity)

Macroeconomics, Higher School of Economics (Coursera)

Principles of Macroeconomics, MIT (Serendipity)

The Power of Macroeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Public Economics I, MIT (Serendipity)

Public Economics II, MIT (Serendipity)

Public Economics, Higher School of Economics (Coursera)

Public Finance and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

International Development

Generating the Wealth of Nations – Jeff Borland, University of Melbourne (Coursera)

Development Economics: Microeconomic Issues and Policy Models, MIT (Serendipity)

Engaging Citizens: A Game Changer for Development?, World Bank (Coursera)

Engaging India, ANU (edX)

Planning in Transition Economies for Growth and Equity, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Public Finance in Developing Country, MIT (Serendipity)

What Works: Promising Practices in International Development, University of Oslo (FutureLearn)

Public Finance and Social Policy

Poverty, Public Policy and Controversy, MIT (Serendipity)

U.S. Social Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

What do we mean by “family”?, Open University (Serendipity)


Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Marilyn Lombardi and Bob Barnes, Duke University (Coursera)

Principles of Public Health – Zuzana Bic, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

Alcohol, Drugs and Baby Boomers: Are you ready?, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

An Introduction to Global Health, KI (edX)

Approaches to Managing Health Services Organizations, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Behavioural Medicine: A Key to Better Health, KI (edX)

Bioethics, MIT (Serendipity)

Biostatistics for Medical Product Regulation, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

BSE and vCJD: Their biology and management, Open University (Serendipity)

Case Studies in Personalized Medicine, Vanderbilt University (Coursera)

Case Studies in Primary Health Care, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Chemicals and Health, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Community Change in Public Health, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Confronting the Burden of Injuries, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Contemporary Health Informatics, Georgia Institute of Technology (Coursera)

Contraception: Choices, Culture and Consequences, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment and opportunities, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

Engineering Capacity in Community-Based Healthcare, MIT (Serendipity)

Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Emerging Economies, Harvard (edX)

Epidemics, Pandemics and Outbreaks, University of Pittsburgh (Coursera)

Epidemiological thinking for non specialists, U Mass Boston (Serendipity)

Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health, UNC Chapel Hill (Coursera)

Ethical and Social Challenges of Genomic and Precision Medicine, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

Ethical Issues in Public Health, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Ethics of Human Subject Research, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Family Planning Policies and Programs, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Global Health and Humanitarianism, University of Manchester (Coursera)

Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview, University of Geneva (Coursera)

Global Health: Case Studies from a Biosocial Perspective, Harvard (edX)

Global Tobacco Control, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Global Tuberculosis (TB) Clinical Management and Research, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Growing Old Around the Globe, UPenn (Coursera)

Guinea Pigs, Heroes & Desperate Patients: The History & Ethics of Human Research, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Health and Society, Harvard (edX)

Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health, Harvard (edX)

Health Informatics in the Cloud, Georgia University of Technology (Coursera)

Health Information Systems to Improve Quality of Care in Resource-Poor Settings, MIT (Serendipity)

Health Information Technology Standards and Systems Interoperability, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Health Issues for Aging Populations, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Health Leadership – Leading and managing healthcare, UNSW Australia (Coursera)

Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act, UPenn (Coursera)

Healthcare Technologies to Assess Human Beahvior for Health Management, Georgia Institute of Technology (Coursera)

HKU01x: Epidemics, University of Hong Kong (edX)

HUS5.1x: Innovating in Health Care, Harvard (edX)

Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety, Harvard (edX)

Innovating in Health Care, Harvard (edX)

Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics, University of Minnesota (Coursera)

Introduction to Bioethics, Georgetown (edX)

Introduction to Ethics of Human Subjects, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Introduction to Health Policy, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Introduction to Human Behavioural Genetics, University of Minnesota (Coursera)

Introduction to Methods for Health Service Research and Evaluation, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Introduction to Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions, Higher School of Economics (Coursera)

Introduction to Technical Communication: Perspectives on Medicine and Public Health, MIT (Serendipity)

KIGlobalHx: An Introduction to Global Health, University of Copenhagen (Coursera)

Macroepidemiology (BE.102), MIT (Serendipity)

Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Managed Care and Health Insurance, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Managing Human Resources for Health, University of the Western Cape (Serendipity)

Managing Long-Term Care Services for Aging Populations, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Medicine in the Digital Age, Rice (edX)

Obesity Economics, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

One Health One Medicine, (

Patient Safety and Medical Errors, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

PH241x: The Biology of Water and Health – Part 1, Open Education Consortium (edX)

PH555x: Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety, Harvard (edX)

Pharmaceuticals Management for Underserved Populations, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trials in Health Care, KI (edX)

Preventing Chronic Pain: A Human Systems Approach, University of Minnesota (Coursera)

Primary Care Part I: Selected Presentations and A Course in Primary Care, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Principles of Drug Development, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Principles of Public Health, UC Irvine (Coursera)

Problem Solving for Immunization Programs, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Public Health Emergencies: The Common Thread, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Representations of HIV/AIDS, Davidson (edX)

Saving Lives Millions at a Time: Global Disease Control Policies & Programs, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Statistical Reasoning for Public Health 1: Estimation, Inference & Interpretation, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Statistical Reasoning for Public Health 2: Regression Methods, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

STI Prevention: Using Epidemiology to Inform Policy and Program, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Take Your Medicine – The Impact of Drug Development, UT Austin (edX)

The Addicted Brain, Emory University (Coursera)

The American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA, Florida University (Coursera)

The Impact of Primary Care on Population Health, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Tobacco Research that Informs Public Policy, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Understanding Common Diseases, University of Wollengong (Open2Study)

Understanding Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Understanding Research: An Overview for Health Professionals, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

United States Health Policy, Harvard (edX)

Using Summary Measures of Population Health to Improve Health Systems, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)


Globalizing Higher Education and Research for the ‘Knowledge Economy’ – Kris Olds and Susan Robertson, University of Wisconsin – Madison (Coursera)

American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice, UPenn (Coursera)

Applying Principles of Behaviour in the K-12 Classroom, University of Houston System (Coursera)

Critical Issues in Urban Education, UChicago (edX)

Ed179x: Critical Issues in Urban Education, University of Chicago (edX)

Saving Schools: History, Politics and Policy in U.S. Education, Harvard (edX)

Saving Schools: History, Politics and Policy in U.S. Education, Mini-Course III, Harvard (edX)

Saving Schools: History, Politics and Policy in U.S. Education, Mini-Course IV, Harvard (edX)

Technological Tools for School Reform, MIT (Serendipity)

Employment, Labour and Immigration

Gender and Race, Work, and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Globalization, Migration and International Relations, MIT (Serendipity)

Immigrant Workers – Where the Hazardous Jobs Are, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Immigrant Workers – Where the Hazardous Jobs Are, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Labor Economics and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Labor Economics I, MIT (Serendipity)

Proseminar in Manufacturing, MIT (Serendipity)

The Economic History of Work and Family, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Labour Markets and Employment Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Cities, Urban and Regional Development

11.401 Introduction to Housing, Community and Economic Development, MIT (Serendipity)

African Cities: an introduction to urban planning, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Coursera)

American Urban History I, MIT (Serendipity)

Beijing Urban Design Studio, MIT (Serendipity)

Downtown Management Organizations, MIT (Serendipity)

Frameworks of Urban Governance, MIT (Serendipity)

Future Cities, ETH (edX)

Housing and Land Use in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions, MIT (Serendipity)

Introduction to Housing, Community and Economic Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Introduction to Urban Design and Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Media Technology and City Design and Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Social Theory and the City, MIT (Serendipity)

The Growth and Spatial Structure of Cities, MIT (Serendipity)

The Space Between Workshop, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design Policy and Action, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design Politics, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design Seminar, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design Skills: Observing, Intepreting and Representing the City, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design Studio: Providence, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Design, MIT (Serendipity)

Big Plans, MIT (Serendipity)

Gateway: Planning Action, MIT (Serendipity)

Planning, Policy and Design: Public Policy, UCIrvine (Serendipity)

Power of Place: Media Technology, Youth, and City Design and Development, MIT (Serendipity)

Environment and Sustainability

Climate Change – Jon Barnett, John Freebairn, David Jamieson, Maurizio Toscano, Rachel Webster, University of Melbourne (Coursera)

Energgy, the Environment and Our Future – Richard Alley, Pennsylvania State University (Coursera)

Basics of Energy Sustainability, Rice (edX)

Chemicals in the Environment: Toxicology and Public Health (BE.104J), MIT (Serendipity)

Climate Change Policy and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Coursera)

Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations, University of British Columbia (Coursera)

Energy and the Earth, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Coursera)

Environmental Economics and Government Responses to Market Failure, MIT (Serendipity)

Environmental Policy and Economics, MIT (Serendipity)

Environmental Politics and Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy, UNC Chapel Hill (Coursera)

Introduction to Sustainability, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Coursera)

Making Sense of Climate Change Denial, UQ (edX)

Science, Politics and Environmental Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Sustainable Agricultural Land Management, University of Florida (Coursera)

Sustainable Development: Theory and Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Coursera)

Agriculture and Resources

Sustainable Agricultural Land Management, George Hochmuth, University of Florida (Coursera)

An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health, Johns Hopkins (Coursera)

Food and Nutrition Policy, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

Food for Thought, McGill (edX)

Forests and Livelihoods in Developing Countries, UBC (edX)

GFFCx: Growing our Future Food: Crops, Wageningen UniversityedX ()

Growing our Future Food: Crops, Wageningen UniversityedX (edX)

Introduction to Drinking Water Treatment, Delft University (edX)

Introduction to Water and Climate, Delft University (edX)

The Biology of Water and Health – Part 1, OEC (edX)

The Ethics of Eating, Cornell (edX)

Science, Technology and Innovation

Engaging with Innovation Ecosystems: The Corporate Perspective, MIT (edX)

Gender, Race, and the Complexities of Science and Technology: A Problem-Based Learning Experience, MIT (Serendipity)

Global Engineering for Micro-Mechanics and Molecular Medicine (GEM4), MIT (Serendipity)

Innovation and Commercialization, MIT (edX)

Integrating Doctoral Seminar on Emerging Technologies, MIT (Serendipity)

Introduction to Technology Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Inventions and Patents, MIT (Serendipity)

Science Policy Bootcamp, MIT (Serendipity)

Science promotion, Open University (Serendipity)

Science, Technology, and Science in China III: The Present & Policy Implications, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Coursera)

Technology and Gender in American History, MIT (Serendipity)

Technology and the Literary Imagination, MIT (Serendipity)

Technology for Biobased Products, Delft University (edX)

Technology, Law and the Working Environment, MIT (Serendipity)

The Art of Science Advice to Policy Makers: Lessons from the U.S. National Academies, Johns Hopkins (Serendipity)

The Science Essay, MIT (Serendipity)

Understanding Wireless: Technology, Economics and Policy, Notre Dame (edX)

Industry, Trade and Investment

Business and its Environment: An Overview of Business, OEC (edX)

Industrial Organization and Public Policy, MIT (Serendipity)

Energy, Transport and Infrastructure

An Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems, MIT (Serendipity)

Competition in Telecommunications, MIT (Serendipity)

Electricity and Gas: Market Design and Policy Issues, TU Delft (Serendipity)

Energy 101, UT Austin (edX)

Energy Economics, MIT (Serendipity)

Energy Subsidy Reform, IMF (edX)

Financing and Investing in Infrastructure, Universita Bocconi (Coursera)

Fundamentals of Global Energy Business, University of Colorado System (Coursera)

Infrastructure in Crisis: Energy and Security Challenges, MIT (Serendipity)

Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage, Delft University (edX)

Managing Nuclear Technology, MIT (Serendipity)

Next Generation Infrastructures – Part 1, Delft University (edX)

Next Generation Infrastructures – Part 2, Delft University (edX)

Public Transportation Systems, MIT (Serendipity)

Transit Management, MIT (Serendipity)

Transportation Policy and Environmental Limits, MIT (Serendipity)

Transportation Policy, Strategy and Management, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Transportation Planning, MIT (Serendipity)

Urban Transportation, Land Use and the Environment, MIT (Serendipity)

UT.1.01x: Energy 101, Georgia University of Technology (Coursera)

UT.1.01x: Energy 101, University of Texas at Austin (edX)

Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries, MIT (Serendipity)

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries, University of Manchester (Coursera)

Defence, Security and Foreign Relations

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: comparing theory and practice – Edwin Bakker, Universiteit Leiden (Coursera)

21st Century American Foreign Policy, Duke University (Coursera)

Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy and the Press, Harvard (edX)

Citizenship and U.S. Immigration, Emory University (Coursera)

Disaster, Vulnerability and Resilience, MIT (Serendipity)

HKS211.2x: Central Challenges of American National Security, Strategy and the Press, Harvard (edX)

Natural Disasters, McGill (edX)

Poisonings in the Home and Community: Assessment and Emergency Response, UC San Francisco (Coursera)

Responding to 9/11: Counterterrorism Policy in the 21st Century, Duke University (Coursera)

Science and Policy of Natural Hazards, MIT (Serendipity)

Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Georgetown (edX)

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice, Universiteit Leiden (Coursera)

War for the Greater Middle East, BU (edX)

Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection, Cornell (edX)

Policing and Justice Administration

Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction, Penn State (Coursera)

The Psychology of Criminal Justice, UQ (edX)

Trials in History, MIT (Serendipity)

Arts and Culture

EXP-0053-CF: Producing Films for Social Change, Tufts (Serendipity)

Scandinavian Film and Television, University of Copenhagen (Coursera)

Studio Seminar in Public Art, MIT (Serendipity)

Mega Events: Inside the Winter Olympics, Michigan State (

Financial Markets

Financial Markets – Robert Shiller, Yale University (Open Yale courses, Econ 252)

Finance and Capita Markets (Khan Academy)

Finance – Kay Giesecke, Stanford (Stanford ONLINE)

Introduction to Finance – Gautam Kaul, University of Michigan (Coursera)

The Finance of Retirement & Pensions, Stanford (NovoED)


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