Using the Atlas for Professional Training and Development

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LearningPlanConstructing individual learning plans

Given the professional nature of the MPP and MPA degrees, there should substantial alignment between the topics and concepts in the Core Curriculum and the content of training that public and nonprofit organizations utilize in their professional development programs for analysts and policy-oriented managers.

The topics and concepts that would be most relevant to any individual will depend on the demands of the position and on prior training and professional experience. The Atlas provides a convenient list of MPP/MPA core topics and under them, core concepts, from which to chose.

Online learning

The individual could learn much of the material online, by devoting the up to 10 hours with the open access learning resources to master the whole topic to the MPP/MPA level, or up to an hour to master a concept with the associated open access learning resources.

Executive education courses

Some parts of the learning plan could be met through enrolment in executive education seminars offered by MPP/MPA programs. One can imagine a fruitful collaboration between an employer and an MPP/MPA program to identify the most useful topics to be covered in executive education seminars (see Using the Atlas to Develop Executive Education Offerings and How Practitioners Can Help).

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