Using the Atlas for a Crash Course in Fundamentals

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publicmanagement5Selecting the crucial topics

If you are a distinguished scientist just appointed to a leadership position in a government agency or a community activist just elected to the legislature and now sitting on a committee to review the expenditures of a government department, you may find it useful to quickly learn some of the fundamentals of public management that are taught in MPP and MPA programs.

The topics you would find most relevant would depend on your prior training and professional experience. The Atlas provides a convenient list of MPP/MPA core topics, such as those listed below. You could devote the up to 10 hours on the open access learning resources to master the whole topic to the MPP/MPA level, or you could select the most relevant concepts within the topic, each requiring up to an hour to master the associated open access learning resources.

Governance and Institutions

The Study of Governance and Institutions

Constitutional Framework

Electoral Systems and Democratic Reform

Machinery of Government

Institutional Dynamics within Government


Policy Analysis and Process

The Study of Policy Analysis and Process

Economic Analysis

The Study of Economics

Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium

Consumer Theory and Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Commodity Taxes and Subsidies

The Price System and Price Regulation

Trade, Adjustment, and Protectionism

Macroeconomic Policy

The Study of Macroeconomics

Wealth of Nations and Economic Growth

Quantitative Methods

The Study of Quantitative Methods

Describing Distributions


Implementation and Delivery

The Study of Implementation and Delivery

Designing the Delivery Model

Implementing through Partners and Networks

Public Financial Management

Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts

Planning and Budgeting


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