Managing Emergencies and Crises

… a core topic in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107

Topic description

This topic examines techniques for managing emergencies and crises in the public sector.

Topic learning outcome

Upon completing this topic the student will be familiar with techniques for managing emergencies and crises in the public sector, and be familiar with the concepts listed below.

Core concepts associated with this topic [DRAFT]
Emergency Management

Events, Dear Boy, Events

Crisis Management Expectations vs. Reality in Crisis Management
Atlas resource pages associated with this topic


Open access readings for 8 hours of preparation

The Atlas pages for the concept entries noted above.


Recommended readings in MPP and MPA courses

Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives


Concept comprehension questions

AQ107.06.01. Among statements a-d pertaining to the term xxx choose one that is invalid or choose e if all are reasonably valid.

a. xx

b. xx

c. xx

d. xx

e. All of a-d are reasonably valid statements.

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