Gender Inequality

… a core topic in Socioeconomic and Political Context and Atlas105

Topic description

This topic deals with gender differences, particularly those that may contribute to differences in earnings and participation, and with policies that might influence these differences.

Topic learning outcome

Upon completing this topic the student will be familiar with the measures and policies related to gender inequality including the following concepts.

Core concepts associated with this topic
Gender Differences in the Brain

Gender Differences in Variability

Gender Differences in Personality

Gender Differences in Competitiveness

Gender Differences in Self-Esteem

Gender Differences in Earnings (Gender Wage Gap)

Gender Differences at the Top

Gender Differences in Health

Gender Differences in Criminality

Affirmative Action

Diversity and Equality

Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights Movements

Open access readings for 8 hours of preparation

The Atlas pages for the concept entries noted above.

Steven Pinker (2005), The Science of Gender and Science – A Conversation with Elizabeth Spelke, 39-minute YouTube video, at, accessed 30 December 2017.

Recommended readings in MPP and MPA courses

Toronto PPG1005 The Social Context of Policy-Making

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Carole Vincent. 2016. WHY DO WOMEN EARN LESS THAN MEN? A Synthesis of Findings from Canadian Microdata,

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Harvard SUP205 Inequality and Social Policy

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Concept comprehension questions


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