Macroeconomic Policy

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MacroPolicySubject description

This public management subject, within the Policy Sectors domain, covers the principles and techniques of macroeconomics.

The Atlas treatment of this subject, reflected the organization of the topics and concepts and the selection of the readings in Atlas103M Macroeconomic Policy [will, when completed] closely follow that in the open access course entitled Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics presented by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok on the Marginal Revolution University (MRU) online education platform, accessed 21 April 2016). The core topics and concepts of Economic Analysis are listed below.

[Note: As of 23 April 2016, the Cowen-Tabarrok videos are only available on the MRU site for the first two and part of the third class Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics.]

The core topics and concepts of Macroeconomic Policy are listed below .

Core normed topics
The Study of Macroeconomics 

Wealth of Nations and Economic Growth

Growth, Capital Accumulation, and the Financial System

Business Cycles and Unemployment

Inflation and Monetary Policy

Government Spending and Fiscal Policy

Core concepts
The Study of Macroeconomics

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross National Product


National Spending vs Factor Income Components of GDP

Nominal vs. Real GDP

Real GDP Per Capita and the Standard of Living

Wealth of Nations and Economic Growth

Contributors to Growth

Growth Miracles and Growth Disasters

Growth Rates and National Wealth

Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity

Innovation and Growth

Ratio (Logarithmic) Scale

Rule of 70

Institutions and Growth

National Wealth

Growth, Capital Accumulation, and the Financial System

Economics of Ideas

Human Capital and Conditional Convergence

Idea Equation

Patents vs. Idea Spillovers

Physical Capital and Diminishing Returns

Solow Model and Ideas

Solow Model and the Steady State

Solow Model of Economic Growth

Business Cycles and Unemployment

Aggregate Demand

Aggregate Supply Curve

Automatic Stabilizers

Business Cycle

Capital Spending

Involuntary Unemployment

Keynesian Economics

Labour Force

Labour Force Participation Rate

Multiplier Effect

Natural Rate of Unemployment

Stabilization Policy

Stabilization Policy Lags


Unemployment Rate

Inflation and Monetary Policy

Fixed Exchange Rate

Floating Exchange Rate

Interest Rate Parity

Monetary Neutrality

Monetary Policy

Money Multiplier

Nominal Exchange Rate

Net Capital Outflow (NCO)

Open Market Operations

Overnight Rate

Real Exchange Rate

Real Interest Rate

Quantity Theory of Money

Velocity of Money

Government Spending and Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy


Tax Expenditure


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