Environment and Sustainability

… one of the core Subjects in Public Management

EnvironmentAndSustainabilitySubject description

This public management subject, within the Policy Sectors domain, deals with the development, implementation and evaluation of government policies and programs that are designed to preserve the natural environment and protect people from negative impacts of environmental damage, through an examination of the instruments of governance (regulatory, economic, voluntary and information) and the factors that govern their use.

The core topics and concepts of Environment and Sustainability are listed below with the concepts in alphabetical order. The core concepts are organized by topic in the Atlas course, Atlas105 Social, Environmental, and Global Context.

Core normed topics (first draft)
The Study of Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Environmental Risks and Hazards

Regulatory Choices in Environmental Policy
Core concepts (more to come)
California Effect

Carbon Dioxide

Climate Change



Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Greenhouse Effect


Kyoto Protocol

Race to the Bottom

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