Analytic Methods

… one of the core Subjects in Public Management

AnalyticMethodsSubject description

This public management subject, within the Analysis
and Skills domain, deals with the theory and techniques of decision-making, process optimization, and project management, as it applies to public institutions. This subject includes analysis and problem-solving techniques used in public sector management consulting such as decision analysis, cost-benefit analysis, activity-based costing, and balanced scorecard.

The core topics and concepts of Public Financial Management are listed below and in the Atlas course, Atlas108 Analytic Methods and Evaluation.

Core normed topics (first draft)
The Study of Analytic Methods for Public Management

Futures, Foresight, and Horizon Scanning

Working with Spreadsheets

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project Management

TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean

Core concepts (more to come)
The Study of Analytic Methods for Public Management
Working with Spreadsheets

Excel Basics – The Interface

Excel Data Formatting, Grouping, Showing & Hiding

Excel Data Inputting

Excel Data Referencing – Absolute & Relative

Excel Data Functions – Mathematical, Statistical

Excel Data Generation – Time, Date, Random

Excel Data Comparison – Logical & Conditional Formatting

Excel Data Seeking – Reference, Search

Excel Text Functions

Excel Data Determination – Goal Seek, What-If

Excel Working with Complex Formula – Tracing

Excel Data Checking & Validation

Excel Presenting Data – Formatting

Excel Presenting Data – Tables

Excel Presenting Data Visually

Decision Analysis

Decision Chain

Decision Point

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis

Cost-effectiveness Analysis

Project Management

Capital Project

Project/Program Objective

Knowledge Project

Risk Management

Catastrophic Harms

Residual Risk


Risk Appetite

Risk Tolerance

Risk Identification

Risk Management

Risk Mitigation

Risk Profile

Risk Strategy

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