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Links to useful advice

This page provides links to items that MPP graduates have suggested could be helpful to others as they start their careers.

Suggestions from Khilola Zakhidova MPP 2014

Gorick Ng (2022), The Unspoken Rules – Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right, at, and described in a 2021 interview with Forbes career contributor, Rodger Dean Duncan, at

Suggestions from Ben Eisen MPP 2009

Richard Neustadt (1971), Operational skills, memo to students in PP 240, 12 April 1972, at See also Atlas entries on OrientingBriefing and Minimizing SurprisesClearing, and Deadlining.

Bret Stephens (2017), Tips for Aspiring Op-Ed Writers, The New York Times, 25 August 2017, at

Suggestions from Ian Clark MPP 1972

Ian Clark (2022), Reviewing Concepts as you Progress in the Policy Profession, Atlas of Public Management, 6 February 2022, at

Ian Clark (2022), Building Consensus on a Policy, Atlas of Public Management, 3 February 2022 at

Stephanie Osmanski (2021), Let’s Get Physical – 10 Free Running Apps for Beginners, Pros, and Every Runner in Between, Parade, 20 December 2021, at [For an example of activity display, see]

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