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Readings to support convivial debate on current public management questions

This page provides links to public sources referenced in discussions among former practitioners and professors who meet from time to time over lunch at the Penny Farthing Public House in Oak Bay, British Columbia.

Ethics and artificial intelligence (AI)

To support the March 2021 Zoom-meeting discussion on public policy issues arising from advances in artificial intelligence, three resource pages have been created:

The new session of Parliament, Minister of Finance, and Leader of the Opposition

To support portion of the August 2020 Zoom-meeting discussion on recent developments in Ottawa, two new resource pages have been created:

The American election

What else could the group talk about in their July Zoom discussion? To assist members who abjure social media and avoid American television, two new resource pages have been created:

Is there any good news?

Following rather depressing Zoom discussions on May’s topic “What are the potential public policy impacts of COVID-19?” and June’s topic of “What should we be most worried about?” a new resource page has been created:

Once restrictions are raised, what should be the highest priority for the federal government?

Candidates for the April 2020 Zoom discussion include:

  • Revenue raising tax reform with a universal basic income replacing the incoherent hodge-podge of income support programs
  • Dealing with ongoing deficits and the unprecedented legacy of debt [see Fiscal Consolidation and Public Sector Reform]
  • Managing the fallout from personal and corporate insolvencies
  • Reforming provisions relevant to corporations (e.g., denial of eligibility for relief funding or bail-outs to corporations not paying taxes in Canada proportional to their revenues in Canada, and maybe enforcement of liability for environmental damages persisting through insolvencies)
  • Repairing the international multilateral framework, post Trump
  • Assisting the poorest countries suffering from continued pandemic infections and deaths, exacerbated by debt crises, and preempting future contagion
  • Ensuring national self sufficiency in public health and food
  • Bridging the toxic divide between Alberta and Quebec on energy policy and mega projects
  • Addressing the ‘just transition to sustainability’, including massive investment in environmental remediation, natural regeneration
What further steps should Canadian governments take to respond to the novel Coronavirus?

To support the March 2020 discussion, links to some of the sources of information and advice have been collected at Selected References on Coronavirus.

How should governments respond to infrastructure disruptions caused by blockades related to the construction of the Coastal Gas-Link pipeline?

For additional perspectives, see Commentary on Infrastructure Disruptions. The links below provide relatively neutral reporting, description, and analysis.

Karen Howlett, Mike Hager, Kate McCullough, and Bill Curry (2020), Police clear Tyendinaga Mohawks’ camp, ending blockade that paralyzed rail traffic, Globe and Mail, 24 February 2020, https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-tyendinaga-mohawks-stay-put-despite-opp-order-to-dismantle-blockade-or/, accessed 24 February 2020.

Ian Austen (2020), Who and What’s Behind the Blockades Disrupting Canada’s Rails, New York Times, 22 February 2020, at https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/21/world/canada/pipeline-blockades-explainer.html, accessed 22 February 2020.

APTN National News (2020), B.C. environmental agency puts portion of Coastal Gaslink pipeline on hold, APTN News, 21 February 2020, at https://aptnnews.ca/2020/02/21/b-c-environmental-agency-puts-portion-of-coastal-gaslink-pipeline-on-hold/, accessed 23 February 2020.

Jonathan Montpetit (2020), Kanesatake grand chief retracts comments on rail blockades after Mohawk community protest, 19 February 2020, at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/kanesatake-serge-simon-blockade-comments-1.5468235, accessed 21 February 2020.

Globe and Mail Explainer (2020), Wet’suwet’en chiefs vs. RCMP: A guide to the dispute over B.C.’s Coastal GasLink pipeline, Globe and Mail, updated 18 February 2020, at https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/british-columbia/article-wetsuweten-coastal-gaslink-pipeline-rcmp-explainer/, accessed 19 February 2020.

Prime Minister’s Office (2020), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convenes the Incident Response Group to address infrastructure disruptions caused by blockades across Canada, 17 February 2020, at https://pm.gc.ca/en/news/readouts/2020/02/17/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-convenes-incident-response-group-address, accessed 17 February 2020.

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Federal Court of Appeal Decisions (2020), Coldwater First Nation v. Canada (Attorney General), 4 February 2020, at https://decisions.fca-caf.gc.ca/fca-caf/decisions/en/item/460815/index.do?q=trans+mountain+pipeline, accessed 16 February 2020.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia (2019), Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd. v. Huson, 2019 BCSC 2264, at https://www.bccourts.ca/jdb-txt/sc/19/22/2019BCSC2264cor1.htm, accessed 16 February 2020.

Fasken (2019), Update on Bill 41: With DRIPA as Law, What Can We Expect Next?, Fasken Bulletin, 16 December 2019, at https://www.fasken.com/en/knowledge/2019/12/with-dripa-as-law-what-can-we-expect, accessed 21 February 2020.

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (2019), Second Reading Debate on Bill 41 – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, 30 October 2019, at https://www.leg.bc.ca/documents-data/debate-transcripts/41st-parliament/4th-session/20191030pm-Hansard-n286#286B:1440, accessed 21 February 2020.

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Is pursuing the Security Council seat for Western Europe and Others a smart use of scarce resources?

Wikipedia (2020), 2020 United Nations Security Council election, at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_Nations_Security_Council_election#Western_European_and_Others_Group, accessed 17 February 2020.

PM Seeks Security Council Seat (2020), CTV News – Diplomatic Community, 11 February 2020, at minute 6:57 at https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1898310, accessed 16 February 2020.

OECD Data (2020), Net ODA, at https://data.oecd.org/oda/net-oda.htm [USE DROPDOWN MENU TO HIGHLIGHT CANADA, NORWAY, IRELAND], accessed 16 February 2020.

OECD Data (2020), Central government spendingPercentage of GDP, at https://data.oecd.org/gga/central-government-spending.htm#indicator-chart [USE DROPDOWN MENUS TO SELECT SECTOR AND DATE RANGE – WHY IS CANADA THE ONLY G7 COUNTRY WITH DATA “NOT AVAILABLE”?], accessed 17 February 2020.

World Bank Data (2020), Military expenditure (% of GDP) – Canada, at https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/MS.MIL.XPND.GD.ZS?contextual=region&locations=CA, accessed 16 February 2020.

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Are things getting better?

Roland Paulsen (2019), Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Self-Serving Optimists Like Hans Rosling and Steven Pinker, In These Times, 27 March 2019, at http://inthesetimes.com/article/21771/new-optimists-bill-gates-steven-pinker-hans-rosling-world-health, accessed 16 February 2020.

Will Koehrsen (2019), Has Global Violence Declined? A Look at the Data, Towards Data Science, 5 January 2019, at https://towardsdatascience.com/has-global-violence-declined-a-look-at-the-data-5af708f47fba, accessed 16 February 2020.

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