Concepts from First-year Courses most relevant to Internship

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The table below lists the concepts from the Atlas subjects typically addressed in the first year of an MPP or MPA curriculum (Governance and Institutions; Policy Analysis and Process; Economic Analysis; Quantitative Methods; Macroeconomic PolicySocioeconomic and Political Context; and Implementation and Delivery; as well as Leadership Skills and Communication Skills) that are most relevant to the an Internship in a organization. Below the table are listed the comprehension questions associated with these concepts.

Governance and Institutions

Competing Values in Governance and Institutions


Government Program

Constitutional Convention of a Politically Neutral Civil Service

Political Aide

Political Executive vs. Civil Service

Political Neutrality

Public Service Anonymity

Speaking Truth to Power

Staff vs. Line Positions

Organization Chart

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Control

Organizational Culture

Organizational Policies

Organizational Structure Types

Organizational Theory

Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy

Management Differences between Public and Private Sectors

New Public Management

Performance Improvement and Performance Leadership

Policy Analysis and Process


Economic Analysis

Incentives and Introduction to Economics

Marginal and Marginalism

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – TANSTAAFL

Unintended Consequences

Price as Signal and Incentive

Pareto Efficiency


Deadweight Loss

Transaction Costs

Average Cost

Marginal Cost

Total Cost

Fixed Costs

Variable Costs

Sunk Costs

Production Possibility Frontier

Economies of Scale


Public Good

Common Resource

Tragedy of the Commons

Quantitative Methods


Macroeconomic Policy

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Contributors to Growth

Innovation and Growth

Rule of 70

Institutions and Growth

National Wealth

Socioeconomic and Political Context

Diversity and Equality

Aboriginal Peoples

Non-Status Indians

Implementation and Delivery

Principal-Agent Problem

Public Choice Theory

Allison’s Three Models of Government Action

Fayol’s Theory of Administration

Niskanen’s Budget Maximizing Model

Downs’ Typology of Officials

Leadership Skills

Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Model

Lewin’s 3 Leadership Styles

Trait Theory of Leadership


Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)

VMOSA – Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans

Leonard’s Note on Public Sector Strategy-Building


Dealing with Ambiguity

Dealing with Uncertainty

Dealing with Difficult People

Conducting a Meeting

Creating a Coalition

Creating a Team

Gaining Standing

Identifying Allies

Meeting in Person


Communication Skills

Elevator Pitch

Eye Contact

Behn’s Craft of Memo Writing

Writing a Briefing Note

Concept comprehension questions


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