Concepts for Case Competitions

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Many MPP and MPA students sharpen their skills by participating in case competitions, for example the National Annual Public Administration Case Competition (see

There are number of topics and concepts on the Atlas that can help students prepare their analysis and presentation. The table below provides a selection of 28 concepts under 8 topics.

Problem Definition and Agenda Setting

Pal’s Aspects of Problem Definition

Issue Framing



Framing the Problem

Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)

The Study of Implementation and Delivery

Bardach’s Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving

Policy Instruments and Design

Pal’s Classification of Policy Instruments

Designing the Delivery Model

Bardach’s Things Governments Do

Doing Nothing as a Policy Instrument

Using Information-Based Policy Instruments

Using Expenditure-Based Policy Instruments

Using Taxation-Based Policy Instruments

Using Regulation-Based Policy Instruments

Using Direct Provision as a Policy Instrument

Delivery Chain

Machinery of Government

Government Program


Government Electronic Directory Service (GEDS)

Strategic Management in the Public Sector


Leonard’s Note on Public Sector Strategy-Building

Strategic Public Management

Public Value Scorecard

Public Authority

Managing Risk

Risk and Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Risk Mapping

Risk Tolerance and Risk Appetite

Consulting and Communicating on Policy

The Crucial Role of Communication

Consulting Stakeholders and Engaging Citizens

Public Opinion Research

Communications Plan

Media Bias and Agenda Setting

Communication Nudges and Behavioural Economics

Institutional Dynamics within Government

Political Executive vs. Civil Service

Constitutional Convention of a Politically Neutral Civil Service

Political Neutrality

Speaking Truth to Power


Making Slide Presentations

Knowing the Audience

Knowing the Context

Simplicity and Clarity


Speaking to Persuade

Beginning with a Grabber

Body Language and Posture

Controlling Uptalk and Like

Eliminating Filler Words

Ending Memorably

Eye Contact

Practicing the Presentation

Pre-speech Warm Ups

Speech Pauses

Voice Projection and Volume

Atlas topic, subject, and course

Persuading in Communication Skills and Atlas109 Leadership and Communication Skills.

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