Reference Programs: Harvard HKS MPP, Michigan Ford MPP, NYU Wagner MPA, Wisconsin La Follette MPA

mortarboardA list of 120 MPP and MPA programs in 17 countries

This page lists, by region, the programs offering MPP, MPA and similarly titled degrees that were analyzed in 2015 to produce:

Those programs with links (in blue) have Atlas pages with program descriptions in a common format. Four of these constitute the Reference Programs.

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Programs reviewed, grouped by region
United States (58 programs at 44 universities)

NOTE: A compendium of American
MPA programs can be found at

Albany Rockefeller – State University of New York at Albany, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, MPA [Online Syllabi]

American SPA – American University, School of Public Affairs, MPP and MPA [Online Syllabi]

Arizona State SPA – Arizona State University, School of Public Affairs, MPP and MPA

Berkeley Goldman – University of California, Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy, MPP

Carnegie Heinz – Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College, Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Chicago Harris – University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy, MPP

Colorado SPA – University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Columbia SIPA – Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, MPA, MIA

Cornell CIPA – Cornell University, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, MPA

Duke Sanford – Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy, MPP

Florida Askew – Florida State University, Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, MPA [Online Syllabi]

George Washington Trachtenberg – George Washington University, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, MPP and MPA [Online Syllabi]

Georgetown – Georgetown University, McCourt School of Public Policy, MPP, MIDP, MPM

Georgia SPIA – University of Georgia, School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA), MPA [Online Syllabi]

Harvard Kennedy – Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, MPP and MPA

Indiana SPEA – Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Illinois Chicago – University of Illinois, Chicago, Department of Public Administration, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Kansas SPAA – University of Kansas, School of Public Affairs and Administration, MPA

Maryland SPP – University of Maryland, School of Public Policy, MPP and MPM [Online Syllabi]

Michigan Ford – University of Michigan, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, MPP and MPA [Online Syllabi]

Michigan State PS – Michigan State University, Department of Political Science, MPP [Online Syllabi]

Minnesota Humphrey – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, MPP

NC State SPIA – North Carolina State University, School of Public and International Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

New Mexico SPA – University of New Mexico, School of Public Administration, MPA [Online Syllabi]

North Carolina – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Government, MPA

NYU Wagner – New York University, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Northwestern SPS – Northwestern University, School of Professional Studies, MPPA (Master of Public Policy and Administration)

Ohio Glenn – Ohio State University, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Oregon PPPM – University of Oregon, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Pennsylvania Fels – University of Pennsylvania, Fels Institute of Government, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Pittsburgh GSPIA – University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, MPA, MPIA, MID

Princeton Wilson – Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, MPA, MPP

Rutgers SPAA – Rutgers University, School of Public Affairs and Administration, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Sac State PPA – California State University Sacramento, Department of Public Policy and Administration, MPPA [Online Syllabi]

SF State DPA – San Francisco State University, Department of Public Administration, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Stanford GPPP – Stanford University, Graduate Program in Public Policy, MPP

Syracuse Maxwell – Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, MPA

Tenn State CPSUA – Tennessee State University, College of Public Service & Urban Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Texas Johnson – The University of Texas at Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, MPAff (Master of Public Affairs)

UCLA Luskin – University of California, Los Angeles, Luskin School of Public Affairs, MPP

USC Price – University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy, MPA and MPP

Washington Evans – University of Washington, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, MPA

Wisconsin La Follette – University of Wisconsin, Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs, MPA [Online Syllabi]

Virginia Batten – University of Virginia, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, MPP

Australia and New Zealand (13 programs at 9 universities)

ANU Crawford – Australia National University, Crawford School of Public Policy, MPP and MPA [Online Syllabi]

ANZSOG – Australia and New Zealand School of Government, EMPA

Canberra SGP – University of Canberra, School of Government and Policy, MPA

Griffith GBS – Griffiths University, Griffith Business School, MPA

Macquarie University, Master of Politics and Public Policy

Melbourne MSG – University of Melbourne, Melbourne School of Government, MPA and MPPM

Sydney GIR – University of Sydney, Department of Government and International Relations, MPP

Sydney GSG – University of Sydney, Graduate School of Government, MPA [Online Syllabi]

UNSW MPPG – University of New South Wales, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, MPPG (Master of Public Policy and Governance)

Victoria University of Wellington, School of Government, MPP and MPM [Online Syllabi]

Canada (23 programs at 24 universities, including 3 two-university programs)

Calgary SPP – University of Calgary, School of Public Policy, MPP [Online Syllabi]

Carleton SPPA – Carleton University, School of Public Policy and Administration, MAPA (Master of Arts in Public Administration)

Concordia DPS – Concordia University, Department of Political Science, MPPPA (Master in Public Policy and Public Administration)

Dalhousie SPA – Dalhousie University, School of Public Administration, MPA

ÉNAP Québec – École nationale de l’administration publique, MAP (Maitre en administration publique)

Laval – Université Laval, Département de science politique, MAP (Maîtrise en affaires publiques)

Man-Winnipeg – University of Manitoba / University of Winnipeg Joint MPA Program, MPA

McGill Bell – McGill University, Max Bell School of Public Policy, MPP

McMaster-Guelph – McMaster University / University of Guelph, Collaborative Program in Public Policy and Administration, MA in Public Policy and Administration

Moncton DAP – Université de Moncton, Département d’administration publique (DAP), Maîtrise en administration publique (MPA)

Ottawa GSPIA – University of Ottawa, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, MAPIA (Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs)

Ottawa SPS – University of Ottawa, School of Political Studies – MAPA (Master of Arts Public Administration)

Queen’s SPS – Queen’s University, School of Policy Studies, MPA

Ryerson DPPA – Ryerson University, Department of Politics and Public Administration, MAPPA (Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration)

Sask-Regina JSGS – University of Saskatchewan – University of Regina, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, MPP and MPA [Online Syllabi]

Simon Fraser SPP – Simon Fraser University, School of Public Policy, MPP

Toronto Munk – University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, MPP and MGA

UBC MPPGA – University of British Columbia, MPPGA (Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs)

Victoria SPA – University of Victoria, School of Public Administration, MPA

Waterloo MPS – University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts, MPS (Master of Public Service)

Western LGP – Western University, Department of Political Science, MPA in Local Government

York Glendon – York University, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, MPIA (Master of Public and International Affairs)

York SPPA – York University, School of Public Policy and Administration, Graduate Program in Public Policy, Administration and Law, MPPAL (Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law)

United Kingdom (11 programs at 10 universities)

Cambridge POLIS – University of Cambridge, Department of Politics and International Studies, MPP

Edinburgh AoG – University of Edinburgh, Academy of Government, MPP

Exeter Politics – University of Exeter, Department of Politics, MPA

Glasgow SSPS – University of Glasgow, School of Social and Political Sciences, MSc in Public and Urban Policy

King’s College London, Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, MA Public Policy

LSE Inst Pub Aff – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Institute of Public Affairs, MPA [Online course descriptions with indicative readings]

LSE Government – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Department of Government, MSc in Public Policy and Administration [Online course descriptions with indicative readings]

Oxford Blavatnik – University of Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government, MPP

Queen Mary SPIR – Queen Mary University of London, School of Politics and International Relations, MSc in Public Policy

UC London SPP – University College London, School of Public Policy, MSc in Public Policy

Warwick PAIS – University of Warwick, Department of Politics and International Studies, MA Public Policy

Europe, Asia, and South America (15 programs at 13 universities)

SciencesPo SPA – SciencesPo-Paris, School of Public Affairs (SPA), MPP

Università Bocconi, SDA Bocconi School of Management, MPA

Hertie Berlin – Hertie School of Governance, MPP

RANEPA Moscow – The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, MGPP (Master of Global Public Policy)

MBRSG Dubai – Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, MPA

Jindal SGPP – Jindal Global University, School of Government and Public Policy, MPP

Singapore LKY – National University of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, MPP and MPA

Brunei IPS – Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Institute of Policy Studies, MPPM

Hong Kong DPPA – University of Hong Kong, Department of Politics and Public Administration, MPA

Beijing Normal SSDPP – Beijing Normal University, School of Social Development and Public Policy, MCDC (Master’s in Contemporary Development of China)

Tokyo GraSPP – University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Policy, MPP/IP [Online Syllabi]

GRIPS Tokyo – National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, MPP (one-year) and MAPP (two-years) [Online Syllabi]

FGV Brazil – Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), MPA

International Affairs Schools that are not also Public Affairs Schools

Carleton University, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) – MA in International Affairs

SciencesPo Paris – Institut d’études politiques de Paris, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) – several degrees*

Stanford University, Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies (IPS) – MA*

University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs (Munk) – MGA

Program comparison highlights and program summaries

The Program Comparison Highlights section at the top of each program page provides  observations on how the program compares with other MPP/MPA programs on three sets of attributes:

  • Institutional structure: whether the program is provided by a dedicated academic unit (e.g., a school) with responsibility for faculty hiring and promotion; whether this unit offers graduate degrees in cognate disciplines; the nature and number of elective courses available; and whether electives are offered primarily by the dedicated unit or by other academic units within the university;
  • Curriculum design: as noted in MPP/MPA Curricular Types, the most important distinguishing features of curriculum design appear to be the number of courses required to graduate, the subject-matter emphasis, and reliance on math/economics content; and
  • Professional program features: elements of the curriculum intended to prepare students for professional practice. These elements distinguish an MPP/MPA program from a university’s non-professional Master’s programs in disciplines such as economics, political science and international relations. Examples of professionalizing elements are: the use of professors of practice (current and former practitioners) in teaching; the use of specific public policy and management applications in courses; the use of case studies in courses; the use of  external projects with institutional clients as course assignments; supervised internships; professional development modules; career counselling services; co-curricular activities with a professional focus; affiliations with practice-oriented research centres; and faculty research leading to practice-orientated publications.

The Program Summary section provides detail on degree requirements, areas of concentration, co-curricular activities, and course offerings. The courses offered by each program are assigned to Atlas subjects and displayed on a program Course Map.

Analysis and methodology

In order to make quantitative comparisons of course content, two algorithms are utilized. The first (see PEACO Algorithm on the left navigation bar) addresses course subject matter and calculates the proportion of enrolment-adjusted course offerings (PEACO) associated with each subject and domain. The second (see Course to Competency Algorithm) addresses NASPAA-required competencies and calculates the number of courses in “NASPAA-required subjects” taken by a typical student. The numerical results for all the programs analyzed to date are displayed in the Curriculum Comparison Tables and the Program Rankings by Curricular Attributes.

NOTE: The PEACO calculations used in December 2015 for most of the programs in the database employed the 33 subject nomenclature which has been slightly modified to a 34 subject nomenclature by splitting the former Policy and Management Analysis into two subjects (Policy Analysis and Process; Implementation and Delivery) and renaming Democratic Institutions and Policy Process (to Governance and Institutions). These changes do not substantially effect the quantitative results for distribution of subject matter among domains, or between management-oriented and policy-oriented designations.

Programs selected for analysis

The MPP/MPA programs selected for analysis are listed by region below. The 44 American institutions (with 58 programs) selected represent about 15 percent of the 282 members of NASPAA. They include all the NASPAA member programs that, as far as the Atlas editors can determine, provide online access to a substantial number of course syllabi (as indicated in square brackets) plus other programs with high rankings in the US News and World Report annual survey. The Canadian programs selected are those accredited through the CAPPA Accreditation process, plus those believed by the Atlas editors to be candidates for accreditation. Those selected for the UK are degrees identified by program search of the postgraduate taught degrees in the 24-member Russell Group. Those for Australia and New Zealand are drawn from ANZSOG’s list of Member Universities. Those for Europe, Asia and South America include the oversees members of NASPAA, and a number of new programs delivering their instruction primarily in English.

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