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Rupinder Bagha, Katerina Stamadianos,
Nicole Winger, and Tony Yin

Our team’s Minister’s Briefing Assignment, as described at Minister’s Briefing Cases for PPG1007 Section I, was “to prepare options and recommendations for undertaking a 5-year pilot project to improve the services for Indigenous peoples residing in the Greater Toronto Area through better coordination of the programs delivered by federal, provincial, and municipal governments and the non-profit agencies funded by those governments.”


Faced with the question of how to ensure better coordination and delivery of services for Toronto’s urban Indigenous population, our team of analysts proposes that Indigenous Services Canada consider our five-year pilot project: the Toronto Indigenous Grant Program (TIGP). The TIGP pilot is a grant-allocation program that empowers Toronto’s Indigenous community to confer grants based on its own assessment of need and funding criteria. With the goal of eliminating bureaucracy, improving communication between different orders of government and Indigenous communities as well as furthering self-governance, TIGP proposes the establishment of a Steering Committee to provide a platform upon which indigenous stakeholders discuss how grants will be allocated and to whom. This allows for an ongoing process of accountability towards each other and their community.  We encourage you to view our presentation to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The briefing team (with LinkedIn profiles)

Rupinder Bagha

Katerina Stamadianos

Nicole Winger

Tony Yin

The clients (with profiles)

Jane Philpott
Minister of Indigenous Services Canada

Jean-Francois Tremblay
Deputy Minster of Indigenous Services Canada

Peter Wallace
Secretary of the Treasury Board of Canada

Anne Scotton
Ontario Regional Director General of Indigenous Services Canada


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