Preparation Before First Class for PPG1007 Section I

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Readings, quiz, and email assignment

Students in PPG1007 Section I are expected to have completed the following by midnight on the day before the first class on 10 January 2018.

1 – Readings

The required readings are:

Public Policy

Public Good

Principal-Agent Problem

Public Choice Theory

Allison’s Three Models of Government Action

Niskanen’s Budget Maximizing Model

Downs’ Typology of Officials

Pressman & Wildavsky’s Implementation Model

Bardach’s Implementation Game

Bardach’s Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving

There are two optional readings recommended in the Syllabus:

Graham, Andrew, “Pressman/Wildavsky and Bardach: Implementation in the public sector, past, present and future,” Canadian Public Administration, Vol. 48, No. 2, 2005. pp. 268-273. Book Review. PDF on Blackboard. 

Pal, Leslie, ‘Problem Definition in Policy Analysis’, in Beyond Policy Analysis (Toronto: Nelson Education, 2014), Chap 3. PDF on Blackboard.

In addition, students may wish to review the outline for the Week 1 class at PPG1007, Section I – Week 1.

2 – Concept comprehension quiz

Before each Week’s class, students in Section I are expected to complete the concept comprehension quiz for that week’s assigned concepts.

  • Complete the concept comprehension quiz for Week 1 on Blackboard.
3 – Professional aspirations

Give some thought to what you want to do with your MPP degree and this course by:

  • Reviewing the profiles of the SPPG grads at
  • Reviewing the alumni employment statistics at
  • Reflecting on your current preference for the sector in which you would like to be working in January 2019 among the categories:
    1. Government
      1. Ontario Public Service
      2. Municipal
      3. Federal
      4. Political Staff
      5. Provincial outside Ontario
      6. US or International
    2. Not-for-Profit
      1. Social
      2. Health
      3. Education
      4. Industry Association
      5. Research
      6. Environment
      7. Finance
      8. Other
    3. Private Sector
    4. Academics/PhD
    5. Think Tank
    6. Other
  • Reflecting on your current preference for the job function in which you would like to be working in January 2019 among the categories:
    1. Policy Analysis
    2. Research
    3. Economist/Finance
    4. Public Administration
    5. Management
    6. Consulting
    7. Political Staff
    8. Academics/PhD
    9. Communications
    10. Government Relations
    11. Program Evaluation
    12. Law
    13. Other
4 – Email on experience and expectations

Please send a 3-paragraph email to your instructor ( describing:

  • Your previous experience with strategic implementation
  • Your current thoughts on your preferred sector and job function referencing the SPPG employment statistics categories
  • The competencies you would like to acquire by the end of this course [for background, see Competencies]
5 – Review your assigned First Nation community

You can find the First Nation community to which you have been assigned for purposes of the Briefing Note assignment at First Nations Drinking Water

  • You can do some preliminary internet research on the community (for example, searches for most community names on YouTube yield multiple videos, and on Twitter yield multiple tweets, some with links to news items)
  • In the first class you will be asked to speak for up to 60 seconds on your first impressions of the community

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