PPG1007, Section I – Week 7

… agenda for PPG1007, section I, 28 February 2018

Class mission statement

Performance Measurement, Accountability, and Good Governance

1 – Outline of the meeting

2 – Recent developments

“Budget 2018 builds on prior investments and reaffirms the Government’s commitment by proposing to provide an additional $172.6 million over three years, beginning in 2018–19, to improve access to clean and safe drinking water on reserve.

“This funding will support initiatives to accelerate the pace of construction and renovation of affected water systems, which will result in 25 additional projects being completed by 2020 rather than 2021.

“New investments will also support repairs to high-risk water systems to prevent additional long-term drinking water advisories. In addition, these new investments will assist efforts to recruit, train and retain water operators, and establish innovative First Nations Nations-led service delivery models.”

3 – Presentation and discussion of selected concepts from The Study of Evaluation and Performance Measurement, Organizing and Measuring for Performance, and Controlling Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Performance Measurement


Good Governance

Contrasting Purposes of Evaluation

Logic Models

Attribution Problem

Confirmation Bias

Klitgaard’s Policy Analysis and Evaluation Version 2.0

Performance Reporting

Comparing Audit and Evaluation

4 (2:30 PM) – Special guest Anne Scotton, Ontario Regional Director General of Indigenous Services Canada

  • Welcome and outline of the next 90 minutes

5 – 60-second briefs by each student on the key points in their briefing note, due at the end of the day, to be posted to First Nations Drinking Water

6 – Comments by Anne Scotton on Ontario Region’s approach to First Nations Drinking Water

BREAK (10 minutes)

7 – Brief talk by Anne Scotton on the role of performance management, evaluation and internal audit in INAC. Background reading:

INAC (2007), Summative Evaluation of the First Nations Water Management Strategy

INAC (2013), Audit of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

INAC (2015), Summative Evaluation of the Education Facilities and Other Community Infrastructure Sub Programs (Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program)

INAC (2017), Report on Recipient Audit Performed on Pikangikum First Nation

INAC (2017), Report on Recipient Audit of Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing

INAC (2017), Management Letter – Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing

INAC (2013), Report on Recipient Audit of Webequie First Nation

INAC (2013), Management Letter – Audit of Webequie First Nation

INAC (2013), Report on Recipient Audit of Lac La Croix First Nation

INAC (2013), Management Letter – Lac La Croix First Nation

8 – “Ask Me Anything” session with Anne Scotton (e.g., matters relating to the internal audit, evaluation, Briefing Note Cases, Minister’s Briefing Cases, performance management, accountability, and good governance)

9 – Potential careers in internal audit

NOTE: Anne Scotton is available until 4:00 PM

10 – Presentation of supplementary concepts from Performance Measurement, Accountability, and Good Governance

Discount Rate

Net Present Value (NPV)

Performance Improvement and Performance Leadership

Corruption and Public Integrity

Misconduct vs. Deficiency


Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Benefit Programs

Comparing Audit and Evaluation

Good Governance

Codes of Conduct

Internal Control

Internal Auditing

External Audit

Performance Audit

Auditor Independence

11 – Moving from our primary case to the remaining cases

  • This concludes our in-class work on community-specific First Nations Drinking Water
    • Next steps: Briefing Note Assignments marked with feedback to authors
    • Briefing Notes posted on the Atlas
    • Instructor will report to the class on Anne Scotton’s feedback
    • Our deliberations have provided useful background for all the Minister’s Briefing Cases
  • Please review the Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative before next week’s breakout exercise, which is to reflect on:
    • The most applicable aspirational models for the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, among those listed at Comparisons with International Affairs Programs
    • The most effective process for the group to produce the memorandum to the director to be circulated to the Section I students on 3 April

12 – Other matters

13 – Next week: PPG1007 Week 8, Consulting and Communicating on Policy (note time change to 1:00-4:00 pm)

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