PPG1007, Section I – Week 4

… agenda for PPG1007, section I, 31 January 2018

Class mission statement

The Political and Fiscal Context – Gaining Legitimacy and Support

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1 – Outline of the meeting


  • This week’s free book on SWOT Analysis! (click on image to get to Social Europe download site)

2 – Thoughts on last week’s Peel Region cases with David Szwarc (Child Care; Paramedic Offload Delay; Mobile Home Community; Fluoridation of Drinking Water; Pricing of Public Services).

The cases provided:

3 – The Political and Fiscal Context

4 – Gaining Legitimacy and Support – presentation and discussion of selected concepts from the core topics of Securing Legal Authority and Budgetary Resources; Building Resources; and Managing Risk.

Moore’s Legitimacy and Support Perspective

Government Program

Niskanen’s Budget Maximizing Model

Media Bias and Agenda Setting


Gaining Standing

Creating a Coalition

Risk and Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Risk Mapping

5 (2:30 PM) – Introduction of teleconference guests:

  • Anne Scotton, Ontario Regional Director, Indigenous Serviced Canada
  • Harry Swain, former INAC Deputy Minister and former Chair of the Expert Panel on Safe Drinking Water for First Nations
  • Kim Scott, Principal, Kishk Anaquot Health Research and AKI Resources, and advisor at Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation

and outline of the next 60 minutes

6 (2:35 PM – 2:50 PM) – 3-minute briefs on First Nations drinking water challenges

  • Group 1: How drinking water is handled in rural Canada
  • Group 2: How the challenge of drinking water management on First Nations communities differs from that in nearby non-Indigenous communities
  • Group 3: Capital equipment (including cost) challenges to bring the standards of water management in Ontario First Nations communities to those of rural Canada
  • Group 4: Technical and operating challenges for water systems in First Nations communities

7 (2:50 PM – 3:29 PM) – Teleconference discussion of challenges facing First Nations communities in Ontario and the Ontario Region of Indigenous Services Canada, as they relate to First Nations Drinking Water

8 (3:30) – Thank you to teleconference guests and end of teleconference

BREAK (3:30 PM – 3:45 PM)

9 – Reflections on teleconference and on consultation experience for the Briefing Note Assignment to date

10 – Supplementary concepts for Legitimacy, Support, and Risk

Implications of Nonlinearity and Complexity Risk Tolerance and Risk Appetite Risk Mitigation

Reputation Risk

11 – Breakout groups to meet for 15 minutes to discuss securing resources and managing risk associated with their individual (Briefing Note) strategies for the case

12 – Discussion of breakout group insights

13 – Final questions on Briefing Note One next steps

14 – Reminder: your February Meeting with Instructor should be scheduled by now

15 – Update on Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative and Breakout Groups for PPG1007 Section I

16 – Presentation and discussion of selected concepts from the Week 3 concept page readings

Behn’s Craft of Memo Writing Creating a Team Conducting a Meeting

17 – Other matters

18 – Next week: PPG1007 Week 5, Interests, Design, and Decision-Making

  • Moore, Mark H. Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government. (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 1995). Chapter 4, Sections on The Media; Interest Groups, pp 119-125
  • Guest: Vass Bednar, Senior Policy Associate, Airbnb
  • 3-minute briefs on key players involved in First Nations drinking water qualty

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