PPG1007, Section I – Week 11

… agenda for PPG1007, section I, 28 March 2018

Minister’s Briefing – Oral Presentations

1 – Outline of the meeting and introduction of the “real clients” for the Minster’s Briefing

  • Anne Scotton playing the role of Minister of Indigenous Services
  • Jim Mitchell playing the role of the Deputy Minister of Indigenous Services
  • Andrew Graham playing the role of the Secretary of the Treasury Board
  • Lora Thacker playing the role of Regional Director General Anne Scotton
Note on what is simulated and what is real

Today’s simulation is intended to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in oral presentation and their ability to respond to questions on their analysis and recommendations. Of the four real clients listed on the right, only Anne Scotton will have the benefit of hearing today’s oral presentation and answers to questions. The clients are real in that all four have agreed, or are likely to agree, to look at the links below containing the PowerPoint decks after they receive an email from the instructor or from Anne Scotton just before or soon after next week’s class. This means that the real deadline for revisions to the PowerPoint decks for the real clients is 4 April.

Note on simulated setting for today’s class

As described in Minister’s Briefing Cases for PPG1007 Section I, the simulated scenario is a briefing by four recently hired analysts in the Ontario Regional Office of Indigenous Services Canada who are making a presentation to the real clients in the Regional Office boardroom. The clients will have received the links to presentation deck earlier that day, and will have printed copies in front of them. The analysts will be seated on one side of the table (in the normal Team A places) and the clients will be seated on the other side of the table (in the normal Team D places). In the simulated scenario, the only other people in the room are the computer/projector operator (played by the instructor) and an analyst acting as note taker (Rob St. Pierre, playing himself, seated at the side table).

Teams can decide whether they would like to make their 10-minute oral presentation sitting or standing and whether or not they would like to use the screen projection of their decks. (If and when the presenters refer to specific slides in the presentation deck in either their oral presentation or their response to questions, these will be projected on the screen by the computer/projector operator.)

2 – Minister’s Briefing Presentations, Questions and Commentary: Team A – Safe Drinking Water on First Nations Communities – Kaitlin De Menna, Emily Graham, Rebecca Hellam, and Joseph Sorestad

3 – Minister’s Briefing Presentations, Questions and Commentary: Team B – Services for Indigenous Peoples in Toronto – Rupinder Bagha, Katerina Stamadianos, Nicole Winger, and Tony Yin

4 – Minister’s Briefing Presentations, Questions and Commentary: Team C – Education for First Nations Community Services – Daniel Blazekovic, Reena Manjania, Madeline Poole, and Duncan Tooley


5 – Minister’s Briefing Presentations, Questions and Commentary: Team D – Engaging Graduate Students in Real Cases – Sacha Forstner, Sanya Ramnauth, Jessica Sopher, and Alec Wreford

6 – Concluding comments on Minister’s Briefing exercise from Anne Scotton, Jim Mitchell, Lora Thacker, and Andy Graham

7 – Presentation of selected concepts from The Study of Leadership and Communication

Skills and Tacit Knowledge

Situational Theory of Leadership

Trait Theory of Leadership

Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Model

Williams’ Real vs Counterfeit Leadership

Autocratic Leadership

Participative Leadership

Pfeffer’s Management BS Critique


UK Civil Service Leadership Statement

8 – “Ask Me Anything” session with Anne Scotton, Jim Mitchell, Andy Graham, and Lora Thacker

9 – Next steps for Minister’s Briefing assignment

  • Teams may submit revised webpage and PowerPoint up to midnight, 3 April
  • On 4 April 2018 emails with links to the webpages are sent to the real clients and to others among the Resource Persons for First Nation Cases and SPPG People seeking feedback to instructor before the class lunch with the Director on 18 April
  • Instructor posts marks for the Minster’s Briefing assignment and for the course as a whole to Blackboard by 20 April

10 – Questions on Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative

11 – Next week: PPG1007 Week 12, Review, Discussion, Wrap Up, Evaluation

  • Round the table 60-second briefs on lessons learned regarding any of the following experimental elements in Section I:
    1. 3-paragraph email before first class on past experience and professional aspirations
    2. 10 required concepts each week for 12 weeks
    3. Pre-class quizzes
    4. Class formatted to resemble a committee (or project-brainstorming) meeting around one 17-person table
    5. Open computers encouraged in all classes
    6. Online class outlines that evolve up class time and then remain available
    7. 60-second briefs required of all students in most classes
    8. Student assignments using live cases and real clients
    9. List of outside resource persons willing to take student calls
    10. Class mission statement
    11. Two required bilaterals with instructor
    12. Strong encouragement to seek help in assignments from anywhere – including classmates, designated resource persons, and other SPPG professors
    13. Rigid design templates for briefing notes and presentation decks
    14. Open access student products with assignments (and their author’s LinkedIn profiles) becoming publicly viewable as they are completed
    15. Dry-run presentation session with former SPPG students
    16. Not-for-marks, live-case-real-client, own-institution, assignment in final week
  • Online Course Evaluation (15 minutes – please bring computer or smart phone)
  • Team presentations on their Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative proposal in the form of a SWOT analysis with team members in alphabetical order:
    • Strengths (60-second brief by first team member)
    • Weaknesses (60-second brief by second team member)
    • Opportunities (60-second brief by third team member)
    • Threats (60-second brief by fourth team member)
  • Team memos to Director on Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative due by email to instructor by 11:59 pm, 3 April 2018
  • Luncheon Meeting with the Director on 18 April
  • Week 12 Atlas concept pages on Operating Skills for Internship

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