PPG1007, Section I – Special Session on 26 February

… agenda for PPG1007, 12-2 PM, 26 February 2018

PPG1007-I mission

Special session to refine the second (implementation strategy advice) Briefing Note

1 – Outline of the session

  • new seating plan, by Minister’s Briefing teams, for second half of course

2 – Recent developments

“The Net Impact Group is a social venture group of MBA students with over 300 chapters in the world. The particular chapter that has contacted us is from Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management – http://netimpactryerson.ca/who-we-are/

“The group works pro bono on case studies involving market research, procurement, and business cases for commercial or academic projects.

“They will be holding a hackathon-style case competition on March 31, 2018, that brings together students from a variety of fields, including engineering, to develop solutions for a particular First Nations community … I am trying to figure out if there is a way to combine these two projects. If SPPG students are okay with it, their briefing notes could even be presented to the net impact group to provide context on the policy and governance challenges faced by First Nations communities. It could be a very useful tool for the event. I could also perhaps see if this event would be open to non-Ryerson students to participate – Anne was excited by this event, and is working to come up with an exciting prize for it, partially sponsored by the Department.

“Do you have any other ideas of how these two exciting initiatives could benefit from each other’s momentum?”

Click for National Post graphic of 19 Oct 2015

3 – Template_Lake_BN2_XX.pdf, see Word format on Blackboard

  • Does the template work for your community?
  • Should we ask Anne Scotton to increase the maximum length to 3 pages?
  • Does anyone need to use an annex?
  • The ridings issue – see graphic on right

4 – The community comparison spreadsheet (4 still to come: Grassy Narrows; Mississaugas of Skugog Island; Nibinamik; Sachigo Lake)

5 – Marking rubric for Briefing Note 2, see Marking Rubrics for PPG1007 Section I

  • 5% consultation and research effort
  • 5% team contribution, including Meeting Deadlines in Team Projects
  • 5% identifying the implementation challenges and assessing the risks
  • 5% providing useful advice on implementation strategy
  • 5% clarity, conciseness, and absence of typos
  • 2% sensitivity to wider audiences
  • 2% Paying Attention to Instructions and Templates for the briefing note
  • 1% look and feel of the briefing note

6 – Submission, feedback and posting of Briefing Note 2

  • Word document with correct filename
  • Email transmittal note to instructor by 11:59 pm 28 February should briefly note your consultation efforts and team contribution
  • In this email or before suggest a time for the 30-minute March Meeting with Instructor in the week of 5-9 March, preferably between 9 am and 4 pm on 5 March, 7 March, or 8 March
  • Feedback on briefing note will take place in this meeting
  • Revised pdf by Sunday 11 March for posting

7 – Are we OK with full student names on First Nations Drinking Water and on Minster’s Briefing material to be posted on the Atlas?

8 – Proposed format for 60-second briefs for Anne Scotton

  • standing at the podium
  • looking at the RDG
  • using few if any notes
  • referring, where useful, to the Google Earth view of the community that will be on the screen
  • presentation ordering – geographical (by watershed)
    • 3 on Great Lakes (east to west)
    • 4 on English River system to Lake Winnipeg (east to west)
    • 4 on Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods system to Lake Winnipeg (south to north)
    • 1 on Berens River to Lake Winnipeg
    • 4 on rivers to James and Hudson Bay (south to north)

9 – Squeezing in a five more concepts from Working in Organizations and Handling Complexity





Dealing with Uncertainty

10 – Other matters

11 – This week: PPG1007, Section I – Week 7

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