March Meeting with Instructor

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Class mission statement

Contributing to the team

Each student in Section I of PPG1007 is expected to schedule a 30-minute meeting with the instructor in the week of 5-9 March, preferably between 9 am and 4 pm on 5 March, 7 March, or 8 March.

Students should email at the time of their submission of the second briefing note assignment before midnight on 28 February.

Proposed agenda for the meeting

  1. Reflections on the term (including the Internship process) and the course so far
    • What are your “lessons learned” from the Briefing Note exercise?
    • What insights have you gained from the course so far on the nature of teamwork and leadership in public management settings?
  2. Estimated time devoted to research, consultation, and writing for the second briefing note
  3. Reflections on your contributions to “maximiz[ing] student learning by working together to produce an impressive body of strategic advice” on the First Nations Drinking Water case
    • How did you contribute to class discussions to suggest mechanisms for consultation and research, and to identify the key issues to be included in the briefing note template?
    • How did you contribute to the quality of advice in a briefing note other than your own?
    • When did you enter your community data on the shared community comparison spreadsheet?
    • When did you complete your revised briefing note to be shared on the First Nations Drinking Water table?
  4. Feedback from instructor on your submission on Briefing Note 2 (see Marking Rubrics for PPG1007 Section I) and possible revisions before posting the pdf versions on the First Nations Drinking Water table
  5. Getting the most from the rest of the course
    • What specific skills and knowledge would you like to work on?
    • How to make the most use of the 60-second briefs?
    • What are your initial thoughts on your team project for the Minister’s Briefing Cases for PPG1007 Section I and how do you plan to make your contribution to the team?
    • What are your initial thoughts on your team project for the Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative and how do you plan to make your contribution to the team?
  6. Other matters

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