Indigenous Peoples of Ontario

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Homelands of Anishinaabe, ca. 1800, click for Wikipedia entry

Selected Wikipedia pages

Wikipedia has extensive and recently revised entries on First Nations in Canada and Ontario. These include:


Algonquian languages – see

Iroquoian languages – see


Anishinaabe – see

Ojibwe – see

Mississaugas – see

Odawa –

Oji-Cree – see

Cree – see

Swampy Cree (Maskiki Wi Iniwak, Mushkegowuk, Maškēkowak or Maskekon) – see

Iroquois – see

Mohawk – see

Oneida – see

Cayuga – see

Seneca – see

Tuscarora – see


First Nations – see

Indigenous peoples in Canada – see

See also Indigenous Peoples, which includes links to INAC webpages such as First Nations in Canada.

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