February Meeting with Instructor

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Class mission statement

Mid-course feedback

Each student in Section I of PPG1007 is expected to schedule a 30-minute meeting with the instructor sometime in February, preferably between 9 am and 1:30 pm on 5 February, 7 February, or 14 February.

Students should email id.clark@utoronto.ca with their preferred time before class on 31 January.

Proposed agenda for the meeting

  1. Reflections on the term and the course so far
  2. Experience with the Concept Comprehension Quizzes for PPG1007 Strategic Implementation
  3. Estimated time devoted to the course each week
  4. Proposed approach to putting student briefing notes on the Atlas – see second column of table in First Nations Drinking Water where Shoal_Lake_BN1_AW.pdf is now posted
  5. Proposed marking rubric for Briefing Note 1 (total 15%)
    • 3% consultation and research effort
    • 3% identifying the implementation challenges
    • 3% providing new information or ideas for the DG
    • 3% writing clarity, conciseness, and absence of typos
    • 1% sensitivity to wider audiences
    • 1% following format instructions, including filename
    • 1% look and feel of the briefing note
  6. Mechanisms to achieve fair grading relative to other sections of PPG1007 with their choice of two cases: 1) Legalizing Cannabis and Implementing Cannabis Retailing in Ontario; and 2) Assessing the Effectiveness of the Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to date and Potential Reforms
  7. Feedback on Briefing Note 1 and next steps to posting a pdf
  8. Approach to Briefing Note 2, in light of Briefing Note 1 and the three keys to sustainability identified on 31 January (human capital, regional institutions, and moral authority)
  9. Thoughts on Minister’s Briefing Cases for PPG1007 Section I – for comparison, the cases in the other sections are: 1) Reform of solitary confinement practises in Ontario; 2) Ontario’s response to a new national housing benefit; 3) Review of Temporary Foreign Workers Program; 4) Support for the news industry; 5) Revisions to the Canada Food Guide
  10. Thoughts on Munk Amalgamation Student Initiative
  11. Other matters

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