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Sacha Forstner, Sanya Ramnauth,
Jessica Sopher, and Alec Wreford

Our team’s Minister’s Briefing Assignment, as described at Minister’s Briefing Cases for PPG1007 Section I, was “to review the SPPG – Indigenous Services Canada PPG1007 pilot project and compare it with other North American MPP/MPA courses that use live cases and real clients. You are to present recommendations to the Minster and Deputy Minister of Indigenous Services and the Secretary of the Treasury Board of Canada on whether and how the pilot project should be modified and potentially extended to other parts of Indigenous Services and to other federal departments, taking account of the government’s objectives to build the policy community, as outlined in the 29 July 2016 Report to the Clerk of the Privy Council of Canada on the Policy Community Project and the 28 March 2017 Clerk’s Remarks at the Policy Community Conference.”


This presentation examines the issue of how collaboration between graduate students and the government can add real value to the government’s ongoing work on complex implementation matters. Additionally, the deck discusses how this work can enhance the students’ capacity to become effective public managers as future Canadian policy makers. Through evaluating PPG1007, a first year Public Policy Masters course that utilized real cases and real clients, the presentation provides recommendations to the federal government on how to extend the course to other federal departments. The students came up with two primary recommendations: Firstly, the department of Indigenous Services should conduct a pilot project with multiple policy schools involving engagement with real clients. Second, if the pilot project is proven to be valuable, the Privy Council Office’s Impact and Innovation Unit (IIU) should introduce a program that incorporates cross-departmental collaboration with different graduate level policy schools.

The briefing team (with LinkedIn profiles)

Sacha Forstner

Sanya Ramnauth

Jessica Sopher

Alec Wreford

The clients (with profiles)

Jane Philpott
Minister of Indigenous Services Canada

Jean-Francois Tremblay
Deputy Minster of Indigenous Services Canada

Peter Wallace
Secretary of the Treasury Board of Canada

Anne Scotton
Ontario Regional Director General of Indigenous Services Canada

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