PPG1000 Week 8 – Plenary Session

… agenda for PPG1000, 2 November 2016

Cities in the Federation

1 – Atlas topic: Municipal Governance

2 – Presentation by Gabriel Eidelman

3 – Seminar discussion

4 – Other matters

  • timing for marks on Assignment 1
  • SPPG case competition – background material at Gender Wage Gap

5 – Next week: PPG1000 Week 9 – Indigenous Governance

  • review videos by Indigenous scholars at Context for Indigenous Governance in Canada
  • Siggner, Andrew J, and Evelyn J. Peters. 2014. “The Non-Status Indian Population Living Off-Reserve in Canada: A Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile.” Aboriginal Policy Studies 3(3): 86-108.
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  • Papillon, Martin. 2014. “The Rise and Fall of Aboriginal Self-Government,” in Canadian Politics, 6th ed., eds. James Bickerton and Alain-G. Gagnon, pp. 113-131. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
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