PPG1000 Week 7 – Plenary Session

… agenda for PPG1000, 26 October 2016.

Federal-provincial dynamics

Click for Schertzer webpage

Click for Schertzer webpage

1 – Introduction of Guest Speaker, Robert Schertzer (see webpage on right)

2 – Presentation by Robert Schertzer

  • Collaboration and Unilateralism: explaining recent trends in IGR (pdf of PowerPoint below)
Click for presentation

Click for presentation







4 – Q & A discussion

5 – Discussion of expectations for PPG1000 Institutional Analysis Assignment

  • Finding a specific angle for your topic
  • Draw on all resources at your disposal (other professors, government contacts, colleagues, etc.), using appropriate citations
  • The institutional and governance analysis should help move the file, but need not develop a refined public policy solution
  • Selecting a useful comparator in the Jurisdictional Scan
  • Understanding the distinction between analysis and advocacy

6 – Readings for next week (Municipal Governance)

Sancton, Andrew. 2010. “Local Government,” in The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Politics, eds. John C. Courtney and David E. Smith, pp. 132-151. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Sancton, Andrew. 2011. “Central Governments and Local Governments,” in Canadian Local Government: An Urban Perspective, pp. 26-40. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Horak, Martin. 2012. “Conclusion: Understanding Multilevel Governance in Canada’s Cities,” in Sites of Governance: Multilevel Governance and Policy Making in Canada’s Big Cities, eds. Martin Horak and Robert Young, pp. 339-370. Montreal, QC: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

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