PPG1000-2 Week 9

… agenda for PPG1000, section 2, 9 November 2016.

Indigenous governance

1 – Introductory comments

  • New deadline for Assignment 2: November 23
  • Case competition
  • Professor Triadafilopoulos’s big question last class: To what extent are the political and socio-economic outcomes determined by the institutions and vice versa?
  • American election

2 – Reflections on the video lectures by Indigenous scholars (see list at Context for Indigenous Governance in Canada)

3 – Presentation on the 24 core concepts in Indigenous Governance

4 – Seminar discussion – Applying insights from the readings to Professor Triadafilopoulos’s big question

  • Siggner et al., Non-Status Indian Population Living Off-Reserve
  • Papillon, Canadian Federalism and the Emerging Mosaic of Aboriginal Multi-Level Governance
  • Papillon, The Rise and Fall of Aboriginal Self-Government
  • Frances and Prince, Four Pathways to Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada

5 – Next week: PPG1000 Week 10 – Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

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