PPG1000-2 Week 3

… agenda for PPG1000, section 2, 28 September 2016.

Democratic Reform – What are the basic principles of Canada’s parliamentary system of government? What are some current challenges to the structure and functioning of Canada’s parliamentary institutions? What are the prospects of reform?

1 – Introductory comments

2 – Seminar discussion

  • How urgent is electoral reform?
  • Other student insights from the readings

3 – Presentation on the core concepts in Electoral Systems and Democratic Reform, with a focus on:

4 – Round the table on Institutional Analysis topics

5 – Other business

6 – Next week: PPG1000-2 Week 4

  • 30 concepts and terms in Machinery of Government
  • Readings for next two weeks (including Institutional Dynamics within Government)
    • Bakvis, Herman, and Steven B. Wolinetz. 2005. “Canada: Executive Dominance and Presidentialization,” in The Presidentialization of Politics: A Comparative Study of Modern Democracies
    • Siu, Bobby C. Y. 2013. “Public Policy and the Government,” in Developing Public Policy: A Practical Guide, pp. 35-46. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.
    • Tindal, C. Richard, and Susan Nobes Tindal. 2009. Selections from “Municipal Governing Structures,” in Local Government in Canada, 7th ed
    • Savoie, Donald. 2013. “The Machinery: Running on its Tracks,” in Whatever Happened to the Music Teacher?: How Government Decides and Why
    • Sossin, Lorne. 2005. “Speaking Truth to Power? The Search for Bureaucratic Independence in Canada.” University of Toronto Law Journal 55(1): 1-59.
    • Brodie, Ian. 2012. “In Defence of Political Staff.” Canadian Parliamentary Review

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