PPG1000-2 Week 10

… agenda for PPG1000, section 2, 16 November 2016.

Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016 Click for 1992 recording of Democracy

Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016, Click for Democracy

Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

1 – Introductory comments

2 – Learning and assessment in PPG1000

  • Assignment 1 (10%)
  • Assignment 2 (25%, due 23 November)
  • Final Paper (30%, due 16 December)
  • Op-Ed (15%, due 16 December)
  • Attendance and Engagement (20%) “Engagement is measured by actions including but not limited to:
    (a) consistent attendance (one cannot participate if one does not attend);
    (b) being prepared for class (at a minimum, this means completing the required readings);
    (c) being attentive to class discussion;
    (d) raising thoughtful comments and questions in class;
    (e) providing insight and analysis to the readings and discussions;
    (f) attending office hours;
    (g) bringing relevant news articles and other materials to the attention of the class.”

Examples of the effect of Attendance and Engagement (A&E) on overall course mark (marking for the Assignments is letter grade, not percent):

  • Student 1: Receives A- marks in each of the Assignments and meets expectations in A&E. Final course mark: A-
  • Student 2: Receives A- marks in each of the Assignments and exceeds expectations in A&E. Final course mark: A
  • Student 3: Receives A- marks in each of the Assignments and does not meet expectations in A&E. Final course mark: B+

3 – Presentation on the core concepts in Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

4 – Seminar discussion

  • Introductory reflections by Bonnie Bowick and Nick Dalla Guarda
  • Student insights from the readings, particularly:
    • Andrew Petter (2009), Legalise This – The Chartering of Canadian Politics
    • Peter Hogg and Allison Bushell (1997), The Charter Dialogue between Courts and Legislatures

5 – Two requests

  • Email or meeting by 18 November with advice and participation in PPG1000-2 Week 11
  • Email or meeting by 2 December on how to improve the course next year

6 – Next week: Modernizing Government (“From Government to Governance”) and review of insights from PPG1000

  • Think about Competing Values in Governance and Institutions
  • Grace Skogstad (2003). “Who Governs? Who Should Govern? Political Authority and Legitimacy in Canada in the Twenty-First Century.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 36(5): 955-974.
  • Peter Aucoin (2008), New Public Management and New Public Governance: Finding the Balance, in Professionalism and Public Service: Essays in Honour of Kenneth Kernaghan, eds. David Siegel and Ken Rasmussen, pp. 16-33
  • Paul Wells (2016), Meet Sir Michael Barber, the Political Delivery Man, Maclean’s, February 18.
  • Aaron Wherry (2016), How Justin Trudeau Plans to Deliver on ‘Deliverology,’ CBC.ca, August 27.

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