Atlas105 Social, Environmental, and Global Context

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This course covers core topics in three subjects: Socioeconomic and Political Context; Environment and Sustainability; and Global Context. The first six topics are designed to provide students with an understanding of key socioeconomic and political trends underway in many nations of the developed world with particular attention placed on the changing picture of the poor, the shifts in the family structure, and the increasing ethnic diversity. The next three topics provide an introduction to and overview of environmental policy, including the policy process, behavior of interest groups and political parties, and analyze the actions of key policymakers. They will also expose students to significant environmental issues such as pollution control, climate change, conservation and biodiversity. The final three topics provide an overview of the global context for public policy and management. Globalization is profoundly remaking social structure and transforming the lives of people in every corner of the planet, and for any given policy, it is becoming nearly impossible to ignore the global context.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course students will have the skills and knowledge to be able to analyze public management problems by appropriately utilizing the theories and principles in the normed topics and concepts noted below.

Normed topics

The topics are normed in having a volume of content capable of being taught in one course-week of instruction – nominally 3 hours of in-class work and 7 hours of outside-class reading.

  1. The Study of the Socioeconomic Context for Politics and Policy
  2. Income Inequality and Poverty
  3. Education and Labour Markets
  4. Immigration and Integration
  5. Gender Inequality
  6. Indigenous Peoples
  7. The Study of Environmental Policy and Sustainability
  8. Environmental Risks and Hazards
  9. Regulatory Choices in Environmental Policy
  10. The Study of International Relations, Forces, and Institutions
  11. Globalization Trends, Drivers, and Consequences
  12. International Organizations and Agreements

Like other normed topics on the Atlas, each of these has a topic description, links to core concepts relevant to the topic, learning outcomes, a reading list drawn from available course syllabi, and a series of assessment questions.

Concepts to be learned [TO COME]


Course syllabi sources

This course outline is synthesized from actual courses on the Atlas and supplemented by material from the editors. The Specimen Courses used are: Michigan PP736 Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy; Toronto PPG1005 The Social Context of Policy-MakingSask-Regina JSGS863 Aboriginal Peoples and Public Policy, [more to come].

Recommended readings

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Sample assessment questions

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