Thirty Concepts in Quant, Macro, Social, Global, Eval, and Ethics


… study materials for Week 11 of Atlas206 Internship Reading
and for Week 10 of Toronto PPG1007

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The table below lists the 30 concepts from six Atlas subjects (Quantitative Methods; Macroeconomic PolicySocioeconomic and Political Context; Global Context; Evaluation and Performance Measurement; and Ethics, Rights, and Accountability) that are most relevant to the Atlas course, Atlas206 Internship Reading, as well as to the subject, Implementation and Delivery and the specimen course, Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives.

The Atlas quiz for this concept collection can be found at Quiz 11 – Selected Concepts in Other Core Subjects. All 15 quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading are available at Concept Quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading.

Quantitative Methods



Central Tendency

Mean and Median


Sampling Bias

Normal Distributions

Type I and Type II Errors

Simple Linear Regression

Power Laws, Pareto Distributions, and Performance

Macroeconomic Policy

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Contributors to Growth

Innovation and Growth

Rule of 70

Institutions and Growth

National Wealth

Socioeconomic and Political Context

Diversity and Equality

Aboriginal Peoples

Non-Status Indians

Global Context


Ethics, Rights, and Accountability


Delegation of Authority

Abuse of Authority

Due Diligence

Procedural Fairness

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Policy Analysis and Policy Evaluation

Contrasting Purposes of Evaluation

Categories of Program Evaluation

Cost-Benefit Analysis in Evaluation

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Recommended 2 hours of study for Week 11 of Atlas206 Internship Reading

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