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Selections of Atlas core concepts

An Atlas Concept Table is a compilation of core concepts that appear to the Atlas editors to be pertinent to a particular MPP or MPA course. Concepts can be selected based on the published course description available on a institution’s website and further refined through input from the course instructor and students, particularly if detailed course syllabus can be shared. Please email See further note on methodology below.

It is hoped that Atlas Concept Tables will be a useful resource to students in MPP and MPA courses.

Atlas Concept Tables
    University of Toronto Courses

Atlas Concept Table for PPG1000 Governance and Institutions

Atlas Concept Table for PPG1001 The Policy Process

Atlas Concept Table for PPG1002 Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

Atlas Concept Table for PPG1007 Strategic Implementation

    Atlas Courses

Atlas Concept Table for Atlas109 Leadership and Communication

    University of Victoria Courses

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN470 Reforming Government

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN504 Government and Governance

Atlas Concept Table for PADR504 Leadership, Management, Ethics

Atlas Concept Table for PADR505 Policy Making and Policy Communities

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN509 Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN550 Strategic Communication and Engagement

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN556 The Public Policy Process

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN577 Strategic Planning and Implementation

Note on methodology

As described in Defining Core, the term core refers to content that is common to leading MPP and MPA programs. The Atlas depicts this core as the content of the 120 core topics listed in Topics, where each core topic associated with one of the core subjects listed in Subjects. The Atlas identifies core concepts within each core topic. The Atlas Concept Tables identify the core concepts with entries on the Atlas that are most relevant to the course and lists them by subject and topic, as seen on the image on the right.

Core content is typically taught in required courses. A required course in an MPP or MPA program can be designed to teach most of the core topics (and therefore most of the core concepts). Elective courses can introduce additional concepts, but they usually draw heavily on the core concepts taught in one or more required courses.

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