Using Internationalization as a Policy Instrument

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Concept description

Leslie Pal (reference below) describes when using internationalization may be the appropriate policy response.

Pal writes (p. 168):

“[Another] new emphasis in policy is the international system itself. The traditional organization of the foreign policy dossier called for a single foreign affairs department that would channel issues from domestic departments into the international system. With the internationalization of so many policy fields, and with the substantive policy expertise lodged in “domestic” departments, more and more of these departments are engaged in international negotiations. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade tries to coordinate this at the national level, but the sheer scope of international representations by every government body, from local municipalities to federal departments, makes it a difficult task. Yet, international agreements and international negotiations are becoming a routine instrument in the pursuit of domestic policy. Moreover, it is not simply a matter of single policy fields being projected upward to the international level but linkages across policy fields being developed by international agencies and communities of practice (Slaughter, 2004).

For a Canadian illustration of the number of governmental departments involved in a single international agency, see Mapping Canada-OECD Interaction by Public Management Subject.

See also: Pal’s Classification of Policy Instruments.

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Implementing through Partners and Networks (core topic) in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107.


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