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A reputation for respectfulness, defined by as “courteous regard for people’s feelings,” helps one become more effective in an organization.

The statement of Michigan State Behavioral Competencies includes the following indicators of respectfulness (under the heading of Respect for Others):

  • Treats all people with dignity;
  • Demonstrates compassion, consideration, and caring;
  • Believes/assumes the best in others;
  • Demonstrates care for health and safety of others;
  • Values contributions of others;
  • Works to build others’ value with positive impact to all;
  • Speaks up on behalf of others when differences are not respected.

The CMHC Dictionary of Behavioural Competencies includes the following indicators of respectfulness (under the heading of Valuing and Respecting Individuals):

  • Recognizes, respects and values the differences among colleagues and clients.
  • Identifies and works to develop the relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours to work effectively with the differences among individual staff and clients.
  • Constructively challenges assumptions and behaviours that limit individual and/or organizational growth.
  • Creates a working environment where the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, experiences and ideas are integrated in order to optimize the contribution that individual differences can make to CMHC’s success and organizational culture.

Most leadership commentators emphasise the importance of showing respect. For example, in his 18 January 2016 post, Why Respect is the Cornerstone of Effective Leadership, Dean Vella writes:

To get respect, you’ve got to show respect. Without respect, leaders become tyrants. Earning respect is easier than you might think.


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