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Concept description

Merriam-Webster defines persuasion as “the act of causing people to do or believe in something” and Professor Gary Orren asserts that persuasion is the “key to effective communication among practitioners, the people who are trying to make things happen in the world” and, thus, “persuasion is and the key to leadership.”

Orren suggests that persuasion is one of the three tools available to influence others, and uses a 3-Ps pneumonic:

  1. power: command, assertion, force, coercion, force
  2. payment: material incentives, reward, compensation, negotiation, exchange, bargaining, transaction
  3. persuasion: communicating with others in a way that induces them to voluntarily think or act differently


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Normed topic and synthetic course with which the concept is primarily associated

This concept is primarily associated with the core normed topic Practices of Persuasion and is included in the synthetic course outline Atlas109 Leadership and Communication Skills.

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