Municipal Organizations

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Municipal organizations are associations of municipalities within a province (state) or a country.

Andrew Sancton (reference below, p. 36) notes that:

“The existence of these associations points to an obvious tension in the status of municipalities within the Canadian political universe. On the one hand they are clearly elected governments, having to deal daily with interest groups clamouring for lower taxes, a cleaner environment, better roads, and more housing for people who cannot afford market prices. On the other hand, from the perspective of the federal and provincial governments, municipalities make their case as they themselves were just another interest group.”


Federation of Canadian Municipalities website:

Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators website:

Association of Municipalities Ontario website:, with related sites:

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Andrew Sancton (2011),  Central Governments and Local Governments, in Canadian Local Government: An Urban Perspective, pp. 26-40. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

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