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The Innovation Hub is described by the Government of Canada (reference below, link on right) as follows:

“The Innovation Hub was set out in Destination 2020 to help transform the way in which the Public Service does its business by experimenting with new approaches to complex policy and program challenges to deliver real impact for Canadians. The mandate of the Hub is evolving to meet the government’s commitment to measurable outcomes, experimentation and evidence-based decision-making by establishing new business lines in impact measurement and the cataloguing of “what works.””


The website goes on to say:

“In its first year and a half of operations, the Hub has undertaken substantive engagement with over 20 federal departments and agencies and conducted outreach in seven provinces and three countries. The Hub has engaged with thousands of public servants and citizens across Canada through presentations and consultations.

“In its second year of operation, the Hub is broadening its work, with a focus on improving openness, collaboration, evidence-informed decision making and measureable outcomes for Canadians. In addition to continuing to develop expertise in new policy tools and mainstreaming new approaches across government, the work of the Hub is focusing on:

  • Co-designing policy solutions with departments and stakeholders
  • Documenting what works in public sector innovation to support learning and replication across the Government of Canada
  • Partnering with departments to measure program experimentation results using rigorous and outcomes-based evaluation methods”

The Innovation Hub states that it “manages approximately a dozen projects at a given time, and continually scopes out prospective projects with significant potential to improve outcomes for citizens.” Examples of current projects are listed at

Innovation Hub team

The Central Innovation Hub is located in the Privy Council Office, is headed by Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet of the Innovation Hub. Unusually for the federal government, the entire 10-person team is profiled with photographs at

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Promoting Innovation and Driving Change (core topic) in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107


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