Global Affairs

… a core concept in Global Context and Atlas105

Concept description

The University of Texas at San Antonio (reference below) defines global affairs as “a specialization … dedicated explicitly to the study of world politics [which] captures and describes the totality political dynamics and interactions between a wide range of actors (states and non-states) occurring across borders in an interconnected and interdependent world.”

It states that:

“While situated within Political Science, however, Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary field that borrows from economics, sociology, geography cultural and legal studies, public administration, communications, and criminal justice.”

Professional masters degree

The Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto (reference below) describes its Master of Global Affairs program as follows:

“The University of Toronto’s Munk School … combines training in analytical methods and practical management skills with an immersion in the latest thinking on global issues. The Master of Global Affairs degree positions graduates to accelerate their careers in business, government and NGOs, as these sectors pursue their strategies in an increasingly interconnected and multipolar world. … the University of Toronto’s new professional school is curating a vital dialogue about the challenges, organizations, and ideas that are reshaping the international landscape – creating an environment which will equip students to thrive in a world where working internationally demands not only professional skills but strategic agility and cultural fluency.”

Atlas topic, subject, and course

The Study of Global Affairs and International Relations (core topic) in Global Context and Atlas105.


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