Council of the Federation

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The Council of the Federation uses the tagline “Canada’s Premiers” and is a body representing Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial Premiers.

The Council’s website states:

“Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial Premiers are members of the Council of the Federation.

“The Council’s objectives are to:

  • Promote interprovincial-territorial cooperation and closer ties between Premiers, to ultimately strengthen Canada;
  • Foster meaningful relations between governments based on respect for the Constitution and recognition of the diversity within the federation;
  • Show leadership on issues important to all Canadians.

“Established in 2003, the Council enables Premiers to work collaboratively to strengthen the Canadian federation by fostering a constructive relationship among the provinces and territories, and with the federal government.

“Premiers are supported by a small Secretariat located in Ottawa.”

Council publications

The Council holds an annual Premiers’ Conference and publishes one or more major reports each year. Those since 2011 are:

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