Categories of Program Evaluation

… a core concept used in Evaluation and Performance Measurement and Atlas108

Concept description

Leslie Pal (reference below) sets out the three broad categories of program evaluation.

Pal writes (p. 272):

“Program evaluation “is the application of systematic methods to address questions about program operations and results. It may include ongoing monitoring of a program as well as one-shot studies of program processes or program impact” (Newcomer, Hatry, & Wholey, 2010, pp. 5–6). Figure 7.1 sketches these three categories with some illustrative questions.”

These are elaborated at: Process Evaluation; Efficiency Evaluation; Impact Evaluation.

See also: Policy Analysis and Policy Evaluation; Contrasting Purposes of Evaluation.

Atlas topic, subject, and course

The Study of Evaluation and Performance Measurement (core topic) in Evaluation and Performance Measurement and Atlas108 Analytic Methods and Evaluation.


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