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Providing best practices advice on how to improve public management is one of the chief functions of international agencies such as the OECD and the World Bank.

Leslie Pal and Ian Clark (reference below) write:

“These organizations are a key source of advice to governments about what allegedly “works,” and moreover, they are crucial nodes in international networks where governmental and non-governmental actors meet, share ideas, and try to diffuse them globally as well as locally.

“One should not be naïve about “best practice.” Whether particular practices are really “best” is open to debate. However, these international agencies do attempt to develop standards and norms that are often labeled as best practice, or implied to be.”

The Advice database on the Atlas

Summaries of 120 examples best practices advice from international agencies are available on the Atlas of Public Policy and Management, and the links are provided on the Advice page on the Atlas of Public Management (image and link on the right).

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