Public Financial Management Training, Ontario 2010

Required competencies and training materials for financial management in the public sector

Much of this collection was assembled by Dylan Marando and colleagues in the Office of the Provincial Controller Division in the Ontario Ministry of Finance, with input from Andrew Graham of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University, in 2010-11.

Financial management competency descriptions and training materials used in the Ontario Public Service
Competency descriptions

Building a Better Financial Management Framework (Australia, 1999)

Competencies for Analysts (Ontario)

Competencies for Interns (Ontario)

Competencies for Managers (Ontario)

Competencies for Senior Analysts (Ontario)

Guide to Competencies in the OPS (Ontario, 2004)

OPS Financial Management Competencies

Core Competencies – Financial Managers in the Federal Government (USA, 1999)

Core Competencies for Financial System Analysts in the Federal Government (USA, 1998)

Core Competencies in Financial Management for Management Analysts and Financial Specialists (USA, 1998)

Strategic Financial Capacity – Building Financial Capacity for Future Needs (Murray Lindo, Ontario, 2008)


Training Materials

Glossary of Financial and Project Management Terms (Asian Development Bank, 2001)

Glossary of Modern Comptrollership Terms (Ontario)

Glossary of Performance Measurement Terms (Ontario)

Glossary of Public Financial Management Terms (Andrew Graham, 2006)

Financial Reporting by Government Organizations (Public Sector Accounting Board, 2009)

Managing Transfer Payment Programs Workbook (Ontario)

OPS Manager Financial Accountability Guidelines (Ontario, 2009)

Performance Measurement Guide (Ontario, 2005)

Proposed Professional Development Curriculum for Financial Management (Ontario, 2010)

PSAB What it is and What it does (Public Sector Accounting Board, 2007)

Strategic Approach to Financial Training Pink Guide (UK Treasury)


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