Sources for case studies, case competitions and Atlas cases

As Andrew Graham (reference below) notes:

“Case studies can be a very powerful way to learn. They combine problems of public management with real world – or approximately real world – situations. Experience in the School of Policy Studies, but also in working with the Canadian Police College, has confirmed how useful they can be. Over the past several, I have developed a number of case studies that have generally proven to be good learning opportunities for both full time and part time students. These have been used both in group work – with some spectacular presentations in class – and as individual assignments.”

Cases have long been used as teaching materials in some MPP/MPA programs and they are available for a fee (such as $3.95 per case per student for the HKS cases). The table below has links to the collections of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Evans School (Electronic Hallway).

The table also provides links to Atlas cases including Atlas news stories, which provide case-style coverage of a breaking news stories of relevance to public policy and public management.

Sources for case studies
Case competition cases
Atlas cases
Hubert Project Learning Materials

Eleven cases by Andrew Graham – open access with Graham’s permission

IPAC Case Study Program

Selected Open Access Cases from the IPAC Case Study Program

Harvard Kennedy School Case Program

Electronic Hallway – Case Repository at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

2018 CAPPA-IPAC Case Competition

2017 CAPPA-IPAC Case Competition

2016 CAPPA-IPAC Case Competition


Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector

Denman Island Charities

Atlas case news stories

PMO Moving Expenses Story

Minimum Carbon Tax Story

Jordan Peterson Against Political Correctness Story

Cash for Access Political Fundraising Story


Andrew Graham (2016), Case Studies, Queen’s University, School of Policy Studies, at, accessed 9 October 2016.

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Image: Making the Case, McGill-Queen’s University Press, at, accessed 9 October 2016.