Fifty Concepts in Governance and Institutions

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The table below lists the 50 concepts from the Atlas subject Governance and Institutions that are most relevant to the subject, Internship Reading, and the Atlas course, Atlas206 Internship Reading.

The Atlas quiz for this concept collection can be found at Quiz 7 – Selected Concepts in Governance and Institutions, which is also reproduced as Quiz 1007.03 – Fifty Concepts in Governance and Institutions. All 15 quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading are available at Concept Quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading.

The Study of Governance and Institutions

Competing Values in Governance and Institutions


Public Interest

Public Management

Constitutional Framework

Crown Prerogative

Machinery of Government

Political Executive

Prime Ministerial Prerogatives

Courts, Tribunals, and Commissions

Administrative Law


Indigenous Governance


Diversity, Identity, and Rights

Viewpoint Diversity

Institutional Dynamics within Government

Cabinet Decision-Making System

Cabinet Documents

Cabinet Solidarity and Secrecy

Centre vs. Periphery

Constitutional Convention of a Politically Neutral Civil Service

Guardians vs. Spenders

Ministerial Responsibility

Policy Advisory Systems

Political Aide

Political Executive vs. Civil Service

Constitutional Convention of a Politically Neutral Civil Service

Political Neutrality

Public Service Anonymity


Speaking Truth to Power

Staff vs. Line Positions

Policy Profession – UK Civil Service Skills and Knowledge Framework 2013


Intergovernmental Relations

Multilateral Collaboration with Diffuse Reciprocity

Unilateral Action with Particular Interests

Municipal Governance

Machinery of Municipal Government

Multilevel Governance in Cities

Organizational Design and Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Control

Organizational Culture

Organizational Policies

Organizational Theory

Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy

Modernizing Government


Digital Government and E-Government

Human Resource Management Reforms

Management Consulting

Management Differences between Public and Private Sectors

Networked Governance

New Public Management

Performance Improvement and Performance Leadership

Private-Public Partnerships


Public Sector Innovation

Public Sector Leadership and Communication

Quasi-Public Corporation

Service Standards

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