The Atlas as a Resource for MPA Students, December 2019

Online presentation for MPA students at the University of Victoria

1 – Atlas of Public Management – Concepts, topics, and courses taught in leading MPP and MPA programs

2 – Documenting what MPA and MPP students are expected to know by the time they graduate – based on syllabi from leading Programs

3 – Searching for concepts

4 – Previewing the “120 most useful concepts” for the policy profession

5 – Reviewing concepts relevant to MPA courses

Atlas Concept Tables for SPA Courses
Atlas Concept Table for ADMN470 Reforming Government

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN504 Government and Governance

Atlas Concept Table for PADR504 Leadership, Management, Ethics

Atlas Concept Table for PADR505 Policy Making and Policy Communities

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN509 Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN550 Strategic Communication and Engagement

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN556 The Public Policy Process

Atlas Concept Table for ADMN577 Strategic Planning and Implementation

6 – Professional development

7 – Other Atlas Resources (selection)

8 – The Atlas is a work in progress

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