Concept Comprehension Quizzes for First-year MPP Courses, 16 April 2018

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Presentation at the SPPG Teaching Forum

1 – What is the preferred strategy for encouraging students to do their required readings?

  • In-class or pre-class quiz

(According to Lena Kushnir, Teaching Technology Support Office, Faculty of Arts & Science, guest at the SPPG Teaching Forum on 11 December 2017)

2 – Pilot project for pre-class quizzes on required readings undertaken in Section I (Spring 2018) of Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives

3 – Required and optional readings included Top 120 + 80 Concepts for PPG1007

4 – The 12 pre-class quizzes are shown in their Atlas format at Concept Comprehension Quizzes for PPG1007 Strategic Implementation

5 – The 12 pre-class quizzes were mounted on Blackboard

  • The quizzes contributed 12% to the course mark (for Section I, 12/15 of the 15% participation mark came from the pre-class quiz marks)
  • Students performed a quiz weekly on Blackboard with a deadline of 11:59 pm the evening before each of the 12 classes
  • Each quiz had 10 questions with 5 choices
  • The parameters on Blackboard were set to provide the student, after completion of all 10 questions, with results that indicated which were answered incorrectly but not indicating the correct answer
  • Students could then repeat the quiz as often as they wished before the deadline
  • The mark that appears in the Instructor’s Grade Center on Blackboard is the last test result before the deadline
  • Most students repeated the weekly quiz until they achieved full marks
  • Students reported spending between 30 and 90 minutes on the quizzes depending on how many times they had to refer to the concept page to obtain the correct answers
  • Some students have suggested that they would have found such readings-based quizzes useful in other first-year MPP courses

6 – For an illustration of the Blackboard version of Quiz 1007.09 – Advising Elected Officials see 10-slide demo above

7 – Summer project with the help of an RA (Alec Wreford)

  • Identifying a set of 50 core concepts for each of the eight first-year courses and to ensure that each concept has a concept-page on the Atlas and one multiple-choice question with 5 possible answers
  • Using these to create, for each course, 10 pre-class quizzes on the Atlas, each of which has 5 multiple-choice questions, each with 5 possible answers
  • If the technology permits, copying and pasting these quizzes to Canvas, the successor to U of T’s Blackboard Portal (on the assumption that, once created on a shared SPPG Canvas site, the quizzes could be imported by instructors to their Canvas course site)

8 – Resources currently available

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