Using the Atlas to Raise Academic Standards

… one way of Using the Atlas

RaisingStandardsSelf-assessment against the Atlas Standards

As noted in Atlas Standards, a program that aspires to raise its academic standards could ask, as part of a self-assessment:

  1. How does the content of our required courses compare with the Atlas Core Curriculum?
  2. How to our students’ study habits compare with the Atlas hours of study standard?
  3. How would our graduates do on an exam based on the Atlas Examination Standards?

The core curriculum and the Atlas standards are designed to be “NASPAA Plus” in that they are informed by what is taught in the required courses of leading programs, specifically the four Reference Programs: Harvard Kennedy MPP; Michigan Ford MPP; New York Wagner MPA; and Wisconsin La Follette MPA. For programs that aspire to raise their academic standards closer to those in the leading MPP and MPA schools, the Atlas standards could provide useful insights, even as a work in progress. Both Specimen Courses from reference programs and Atlas Courses provide material that can strengthen a program’s existing curriculum.

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