Using the Atlas to Prepare for an MPP or MPA Program

… one way of Using the Atlas

Readings to help prepare for required courses

If you are a prospective student and want to read material in advance to help prepare for an MPP or MPA program’s required courses, the Atlas can help identify many of the topics and concepts likely to be covered in the required courses, and provide links to open access readings on those topics and concepts.

The table below shows five subjects taught in first-year required courses in many MPP and MPA programs. Each of the three completed Atlas courses in the table includes roughly 120 hours of readings in the form of Atlas concept pages and links to open access materials. Each of the specimen courses contains a syllabus with readings, many of which require university library privileges to access.

Five subjects taught in first-year required courses
in many MPP and MPA programs
Subjects Atlas Courses
(with open access readings)
Specimen Courses
(with syllabi)
Governance and Institutions Atlas100 Governance and Institutions Toronto PPG1000 Governance and Institutions

Harvard DPI101 Political Institutions and Public Policy – American Politics

Sask-Regina JSGS801 Governance and Administration

Policy Analysis and Process Atlas101 Policy Analysis and Process (not yet completed) Toronto PPG1001 The Policy Process

Harvard MLD110 Strategic Management for Public Purposes

Economic Analysis Atlas102 Economic Analysis Toronto PPG1002 Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

Harvard API101 Markets and Market Failure

Quantitative Methods Atlas104 Quantitative Methods
Implementation and Delivery Atlas107 Implementation and Delivery (not yet completed) Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public

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