Using the Atlas to Develop Executive Education Offerings

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ExecEdMPP and MPA core topics likely to be of most interest to practitioners

Given the professional nature of the MPP and MPA degrees, there should be substantial alignment between the topics and concepts in the Core Curriculum and the content of training courses that public and nonprofit organizations utilize in their professional development programs for analysts and policy-oriented managers.

The first table below lists recent Professional and Executive Education offerings from the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto to provide a flavour of the topics that have been of interest to early and mid-career practitioners. The second table is an initial guess at additional topics that would be most useful in 2016 for practitioners working in a national government (Canada), sub-national government (Ontario), large municipality (Toronto), and nonprofit community (large voluntary organizations in Toronto). This list can be refined through consultations with practitioners in those sectors.

Table 1 – Recent professional and executive education offerings
from Toronto SPPG
Professional Education Courses

Our Professional Education modules are ideal for new policy professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the Canadian context of policy as well as practitioner tools for policy analysis. All courses are delivered in 3-hour workshops held at the School of Public Policy & Governance.

Change Management

Data Analysis for Public Policy

Data Visualization: Unlock the Power of Data

Government Relations and Achieving Policy Change from Outside Government

Policy Implementation

Politics and Policy

Program Evaluation

Public Opinion and Public Policy

Public Policy in Canada: A Panoramic View

Executive Education Courses

Our Executive Education courses are ideal for mid-senior level policy executives looking to deepen their understanding in a specific policy area. All courses are delivered as intensive 1-2 day workshops to client organizations on a customized basis.

Comparative Public Policy

Financial Analysis for Public Servants

How to Think Like an Economist

Moral Foundations of Public Administration

Risk Analysis for Public Servants

Social Policy and Supports in Canada


accessed 29 March 2016.

Table 2 – Core topics of greatest potential interest to practitioners
(list to be refined in further consultations)
Core Topic
Possible Marketing Title
Persuading The Science of Persuasion
Speaking to Persuade Speaking and Presentation Skills for Public Managers
The Study of Leadership and Communication Leadership Theory for Public Managers
Indigenous Governance Indigenous Governance in Canada
Municipal Governance Fundamentals of Municipal Governance
Performance Measurement and Performance Management Performance Measurement in the Public Sector
Working with Spreadsheets Spreadsheet Fundamentals for Public Managers
Cost-Benefit Analysis Cost-Benefit Analysis
Project Management Introduction to Project Management
Asymmetric Information, Signaling, and Game Theory Applying Nudge Theory to Public Management Problems
Table 3 – Additional core topics of potential interest
Financial Statements and Accounting Concepts

Planning and Budgeting

Costing and Forecasting

Managing Risk

Online Service Delivery

Open Government

Managing Oneself

Working in Organizations

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Image: London School of Executive Training, at, accessed 29 March 2016.